The Phillips 9001-9002 Serie
Sun 174-180 Series
Sun 181-190 Series
Sun 191 -200 Series
Sun 201-210 Series
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Sun 221-230 Series
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Sun 300-349 Series-
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All of the original Sun releases came in plain brown sleeves. Only three Sun singles released in picture  sleeves: Sun 281 ''Great Balls Of Fire'' b/w ''You Win Again'' by Jerry Lee Lewis (1957); Sun 295  ''Guess Things Happen That Way'' b/w ''Come In Stranger'' by Johnny Cash (1958); Sun 296 ''High School Confidential'' b/w ''Fools Like Me'' by Jerry Lee Lewis (1958). All other Sun picture sleeves are counterfeits.  Sun Records later started producing sleeves that incorporated the yellow sun rays. Collectors often display  the original Suns with the sun ray sleeve, but when the record was released, it was produced in a brown plain  sleeve.
Flip 501-504 Series
PI 3516-3535 Series
PI 3536-3555 Series
PI 3556-3575 Series
PI 3576-3586 Series
Liner notes for the Sun singles written by
Hank Davis (HD), Martin Hawkins (MH), and Colin Escott (CE),
1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998.