February 15, 2013 Bear Family Records (CD) 500/200rpm BCD 17311 FK mono digital

Sun Records was rock and roll and blues... and country music. When Sam Phillips opened is studio in 1950, he began with country music, and continued recording country music until the end. In the years between, he discovered one of the greatest country stars of all time, Johnny Cash. 
These recordings, made at the original Sun studio between 1950 and 1959, capture the changing complexion of country music. Many of those changes were ushered in by Sun Records itself. Elvis Presley began on Sun as a country artist, working with Scotty Moore and Bill Black, recruited from another Sun country band. Carl Perkins came to Sun as a country artist, as did Jerry Lee Lewis.
This set includes 6 CDs and a total of 208 songs. Elvis Presley, Johnny cash, and Carl Perkins are here... and so much more. There's Harmonica Frank – a country musician playing blues and medicine show tunes, Charlie Feathers making his greatest ever records, Malcolm Yelvington blending western swing and rockabilly, The Miller Sisters whose pure country harmony never found the audience it deserved, Cast King, whose stellar recordings weren't even issued in the 1950s, Warren Smith – one of the greatest-ever country voices from Sun Records, Ernie Chaffin singing the great Pee Wee Maddux's songs, Nashville's resident genius Jack Clement, and many more.
First released on LP in 1986, The Sun Country Box, includes all the original recordings and more. It also features new essays and newly-discovered photos in a 148-page, LP-sized hardcover book authored by Hank Davis, Colin Escott, and Martin Hawkins. 
Disc 1 Contains
The Slim Rhodes Show (WMC Radio Extracts (Slim Rhodes)
Skunk Hollow Boogie (Slim Rhodes)
Save A Little Love For Me (Slim Rhodes)
Memphis Bounce (Slim Rhodes)
Sixty Days (Slim Rhodes)
Hotfoot Rag (Slim Rhodes)
Time Marches On (Slim Rhodes)
Ozark Boogie (Slim Rhodes)
Red, White And Blue (Slim Rhodes)
Don't Believe (Slim Rhodes)
Uncertain Love (Slim Rhodes)
House Of Sin (Slim Rhodes)
Are You Ashamed Of Me (Slim Rhodes)
Bad Girl (Slim Rhodes)
Gonna Romp And Stomp (Slim Rhodes)
Take And Give (Slim Rhodes)
Do What I Do (Slim Rhodes)
I've Never Been So Blue (Slim Rhodes)
Swamp Root (Harmonica Frank)
Goin' Away Walkin' (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
Step It Up And Go (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
Howlin' Tomcat (1) (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
She Done Moved (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
Howlin' Tomcat (2) (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
The Great Medical Menagerist (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
Rockin' Chair Daddy (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
How Can It Be (Bob Price)
Sticks And Stones (Bob Price)
Tennessee Drag (Red Hadley)
If I Had As Much Money (As I Had Time) (Red Hadley)
Boogie Ramble (Red Hadley)
Blues Waltz (Ripley Cotton Choppers)
Silver Bell (Ripley Cotton Choppers)
Roses And Sunshine (Ripley Cotton Choppers)
Original Sun Recordings
CD 2 Contains
In The Dark (Earl Peterson)
Boogie Blues (Earl Peterson)
Nothing To Lose But My Heart (Earl Peterson)
I'm Leaving My Heart Up To You (Earl Peterson)
Make Room In The Lifeboat For Me (Howard Seratt)
Jesus Means All To Me (Howard Seratt)
Troublesome Waters (Howard Seratt)
I Must Be Saved (Howard Seratt)
Now She Cares No More For Me (Doug Poindexter)
My Kind Of Carryin' On (Doug Poindexter)
How Do You Think I Feel (Scotty Moore & Elvis Presley)
Instrumental Medley (Carl Perkins)
Honky Tonk Babe (Carl Perkins)
Gone Gone Gone (Carl Perkins)
Dixie Bop (Carl Perkins)
Sure To Fall (Carl Perkins)
Tennessee (Carl Perkins)
Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby (Carl Perkins)
Forever Yours (Carl Perkins)
The Way You're Living (Is Breakin' My Heart) (Carl Perkins)
Try My Heart Out (Carl Perkins)
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Malcolm Yelvington)
Just Rollin' Along (Malcolm Yelvington)
Lonely Sweetheart (Bill Taylor)
Split Personality (Bill Taylor & Smokey Joe Baugh)
Hula Bop (Smokey Joe Baugh)
She's A Woman (Smokey Joe Baugh)
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (Smokey Joe Baugh)
Listen To Me (Smokey Joe Baugh)
The Signifying Monkey (Smokey Joe Baugh)
We're Getting Closer To Being Apart (Stan Kesler)
Original Sun Recordings
CD 3 Contains
Red Hair And Green Eyes (Johnny Bernero)
Yakety Yak (Malcolm Yelvington)
Way Down Blues (Malcolm Yelvington)
Rockin' With My Baby (Malcolm Yelvington)
It's Me Baby (Malcolm Yelvington)
Goodbye Marie (Malcolm Yelvington)
Mr. Blues (Malcolm Yelvington)
 First And Last Love (Malcolm Yelvington)
Did I Ask You To Stay  (Malcolm Yelvington)
Trumpet (Malcolm Yelvington)
Ocean (Going To The Sea) (Malcolm Yelvington)
Runnin' Around (Charlie Feathers)
I've Been Deceived (1) (Charlie Feathers)
Peepin' Eyes (Charlie Feathers)
I've Been Deceived (2) (Charlie Feathers)
We're Getting Closer To Being Apart (Charlie Feathers)
Defrost  Your Heart (Charlie Feathers)
Wedding Gown Of White (Charlie Feathers)
Bottle To The Baby (Charlie  Feathers)
Man In Love (Charlie Feathers)
How Long (Maggie Sue Wimberly)
Daydreams Come True  (Maggie Sue Wimberly)
No More (Jimmy Haggett)
They Call Our Love A Sin (Jimmy Haggett)
They Who  Condemn (Maggie Sue Wimberly)
Call Me Anything (Maggie Sue Wimberly)
Rock And Roll 'Simmon Tree  (Maggie Sue Wimberly)
How Come You Do Me (Jimmy Haggett)
Rhythm Called Rock And Roll (Jimmy  Haggett)
Rock Me Baby (Jimmy Haggett)
Rabbit Action (Jimmy Haggett)
Someday You Will Pay (Miller  Sisters)
You Didn't Think I Would (Miller Sisters)
Look What You've Done (Miller Sisters)
I Know I Can't  Forget You (Miller Sisters)
There's No Right Way (Miller Sisters)
Original Sun Recordings
CD 4 Contains
You Can Tell Me (Miller Sisters)
Woody (Miller Sisters)
Finders Keepers (Miller Sisters)
My Isle Of Golden Dreams (Miller Sisters)
Ten Cats Down (Miller Sisters)
It Only Hurts For A Little While (Miller Sisters)
Got You On My Mind (Miller Sisters)
Chains Of Love (Miller Sisters)
I Can't Find Time To Pray (Miller Sisters & Cast King)
When You Stop Loving Me (Cast King)
Like Aweed In A Garden (Cast King)
Satisfied With Me (Cast King)
Please Believe Me (Cast King)
Round And Round (Cast King)
Destiny (Cast King)
Baby Doll (Cast King)
Rock 'N' Roll Ruby (Warren Smith)
I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry (Warren Smith)
Black Jack David (Warren Smith)
Ubangi Stomp (Warren Smith)
Tonight Will Be The Last Night (Warren Smith)
Tell Me Who (Warren Smith)
I Couldn't Take The Chance (Warren Smith)
I Had A Dream (Warren Smith)
So Long I'm Gone (1) (Warren Smith)
So Long I'm Gone (2) (Warren Smith)
So Long I'm Gone (3) (Warren Smith)
Who Took My Baby (Warren Smith)
Miss Froggie (Warren Smith)
Stop The World (Warren Smith)
Red Cadillac And S Black Moustache (Warren Smith)
Got Love If You Want It (Warren Smith)
I Fell In Love (Warren Smith)
Hank Snow Medley (Warren Smith)
Do I Love You (Warren Smith)
I Like Your Kinda Love (Warren Smith)
Original Sun Recordings
CD 5 Contains
Uranium Rock (Warren Smith)
Goodbye Mr. Love (1) (Warren Smith)
Sweet Sweet Girl (Warren Smith)
Dear John (Warren Smith)
Goodbye Mr. Love (2) (Warren Smith)
Feelin' Low (Ernie Chaffin)
Lonesome For My Baby (Ernie Chaffin)
I'm Lonesome (Ernie Chaffin)
Laughin' And Jokin' (Ernie Chaffin)
Linda (Ernie Chaffin)
Heart Of Me (Ernie Chaffin)
I'll Walk Alone (Ernie Chaffin)
Be Faithful Tome (Ernie Chaffin)
Got You On My Mind (Ernie Chaffin)
Born To Lose (Ernie Chaffin)
(Nothing Can Change) My Love For You (Ernie Chaffin)
Miracle Of You (Ernie Chaffin)
Please Don't Ever Leave Me (Ernie Chaffin)
Easy To Love (Mack Self)
Goin' Crazy (Mack Self)
Everyday (Mack Self)
Easy To Love (2) (Mack Self)
Mad At You (Mack Self)
Vibrate (Mack Self)
Little One (Mack Self)
Lovin' Memories (Mack Self)
Willie Brown (Mack Self)
I'm Feelin' Sorry (1) (Jerry Lee Lewis)
I'm Feelin' Sorry (2) (Jerry Lee Lewis)
I'm The Guilty One (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox (1) (Onie Wheeler)
Walkin' Shoes (Onie Wheeler)
That's All (Onie Wheeler)
Tell 'Em Off (Onie Wheeler)
Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox (2) (Onie Wheeler)
Bonaparte's Retreat (Onie Wheeler)
Original Sun Recordings
CD 6 Contains
Train of Love O Home of the Blues (Johnny Cash)
Ballad Of A Broken Heart (Tommy Blake)
Story Of A Broken Heart (Johnny Cash)
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (Jack Clement)
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (Johnny Cash)
Quench My Thirst (Jack Clement)
Ten Years (Jack Clement)
Your Lover Boy (Jack Clement)
The Black Haired Man (Jack Clement)
Wrong (Jack Clement)
Alimony Blues (Joe Manuel)
Daisy Bread Boogies (Joe Manuel)
Try Doin' Right (Mississippi Slim)
Fallen Angel (Hardrock Gunter)
Gonna Dance All Night (Hardrock Gunter)
Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby (Rhythm Rockers)
Fiddle Bop (Rhythm Rockers)
Honky Tonk Girl (Wanda Ballman)
I'm Gonna Find Her (Dixieland Drifters)
Maybe Tomorrow (Dixieland Drifters)
Honky Tonk Gals (Carl Perkins)
Perkins Wiggle (Carl Perkins)
Y.O.U (Carl Perkins)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
If The Good Lord's Willing (Johnny Cash)
I Was There When It Happened (Johnny Cash)
Goodnight Irene (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Ole Pal Of Yesterday (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Fools Like Me (Jerry Lee Lewis)
I'll Sail My Ship Alone (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Settin' The Woods On Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)
So Ashamed (Charlie Feathers)
Honky Tonk Kind (Charlie Feathers)
Frankie And Johnny (Charlie Feathers)
Original Sun Recordings
Original Sun Recordings licensed from Sun Entertainment, Inc.