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The Elvis Presley Record Research Database
Owner Paul Combs

Welcome to the Elvis Presley Record Research Database. This site exists to serve the Elvis Presley record collector community as an online guide, gallery and visual reference for all collectors and as a companion to fill the void of the all text price guides. In the case of LPs, where price guides associate a specific cover with a specific label with a specific inner sleeve; this site generalizes this considerably as having been buying over the years literally 1000s of Elvis records, there are many variations that are not documented using that method.

The focus of this site is specifically U.S. releases. It is by no means the most comprehensive and complete reference guide available; however, this site offers information that is found nowhere else. One of the goals is to provide as much detail possible, including documented and undocumented variations for regular and promotional release 45s, 78s, EPs, and LPs during the life of Elvis Presley. Releases after August 1977 will most likely not be found in this guide, save a few exceptions.

The majority of the images used on this site are from our extensive personal collection or from our vast library of Internet images collected for over 15 years. Other images are from various collectors and other contributors and are referenced accordingly. In rare cases, some images are manufactured from known material to serve as reference and are referenced as "mock-ups".


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