© 1989 Bear Family Records (CD) 500/200rpm BCD 15420 (1-8) mono digital

8 Compact disc boxed set, LP-sized. An Bear Family Special Products. Yellow label. Have circle of musical notes and staff around the entire label, with excepted of the bar wherein "Memphis, Tennessee" appear. The letters SUN with sun rays pressed in light brown at the top of the label. Bear Family and catalog number left from the center on the disc. On the back cover, Bear Family logo right from the center, catalog number in upper right. Complete edition of Jerry Lee Lewis 246 seminal Sun recordings, contains the original Sun singles, 30 unissued performances, 56 performances in stereo - most for the first time. Also included an 36-page DeLux booklet with many previously unpublished photographs and illustrations with liner notes by Colin Escott. Also included in the booklet, Lewis' complete session files. First, and most crucial, in these sets contains everything Jerry Lee Lewis ever recorded at Sun Records, all of the hits, alternate takes of virtually every song, with all of the false starts, aimless jams and the famed argument with Sam Phillips over playing the devil's music, rounding out the proceedings. It is as good a look into the inner-workings of a famous studio and legendary performer as can be found. Musically speaking, the previously unreleased cuts are astonishing to hear and will more than justify Lewis's vaunted reputation, something evident on the very first session when he ran through songs of every style and source, all with supreme confidence and total originality. The dynamic playing of his studio cohorts, Roland Janes on guitar and J.M. Van Eaton on drums, stand out no matter how varied the material was, and together with Lewis on piano they make a convincing case that they were the original power trio in rock.

Original sessions Produced:
Sam C. Phillips, Jack Clement, Bill Justis, Ernie Barton,
Charles Underwood, Billy Sherrill, and Scotty Moore.
Reissue Produced:
Colin Escott
Bob Jones
Hoffmann Nienburg

Pictures and Illustration:
Dave Booth (Showtime Archieve), Bill Millar, Billy Miller (Kicks Magazine),
Michael Ochs Archive and Henk van Raay.
Special thanks to:
Ted Carroll.

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Disc 1 Contains
Crazy Arms > SUN 259 <
End Of The Road > SUN 259 <
You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven
Born To Loose
Silver Threads Among The Gold
I'm Throwing Rice
I Love You So Much It Hurts
Deep Elem Blues
Goodnight Irene
Goodnight Irene
Honey Hush
Crawdad Song
The Marines Hymn
That Lucky Old Sun
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven
Lewis Boogie
I Love You Because
I Can't Help It
Cold Cold Heart
Shame On You
I'll Keep On Loving You
You Are My Sunshine
Tomorrow Night
Sixty Minute Man
It All Depend
I Don't Love Nobody
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
It'll Be Me
It'll Be Me
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 2 Contains
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On > SUN 267-B < 
False Start to It'll Be Me
It'll Be Me > SUN 267-A < 
Ole Pal Of Yesterday
You Win Again
Love Letters In The Sand
Little Green Valley
Lewis Boogie > SUN 301-B < 
Pumpin' Piano Rock
It'll Be Me
All Night Long
Old Time Religion
When The Saint Go Marching In
My Carolina Sunshine Girl
Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-Dee
Singing The Blues
Snatch Of Keep Your Hands Off Of It And Rockin' With Red
Ubangi Stomp
Rock And Roll Ruby
So Long I'm Gone
Ooby Dooby
I Forgot To Remember To Forget
You Win Again
I'm Feeling Sorry
I'm Feeling Sorry
I'm Feeling Sorry
I'm Felling Sorry
Mean Woman Blues
Turn Around
Great Balls Of Fire
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 3 Contains
Chatter To Great Balls Of Fire
Why Should I Cry Over You
Religious Discussion
Great Balls Of Fire > SUN 281-A < 
You Win Again  > SUN 281-B <
Down The Line
False Starts & Down The Line
I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry
Down The Line
Sexy Ways
Cool, Cool Ways
Milkshake Mademoiselle
Milkshake Mademoiselle
False Start to High School Confidential
High School Confidential
High School Confidential
High School Confidential
Put Me Down
Good Rockin' Tonight
Pink Pedal Pushers
Jailhouse Rock
Hound Dog
Don't Be Cruel
Friday Nights
Big Legged Woman
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 4 Contains
Hello, Hello Baby
Frankie And Johnny
Your Cheatin' Heart
Lovesick Blues
Goodnight Irene
When The Saint Go Marching In
It All Depend
Put Me Down
Fools Like Me
Carrying On
False Start & Crazy Heart
Put Me Down
Put Me Down
False Start & High School Confidential
High School Confidential > SUN 296-A <
Slippin' Around
I'll See You In My Dreams
Real Wild Child
Let The Good Times Roll
Fools Like Me > SUN 296-B <
Settin' On The Woods Of Fire
Memory Of You
Come What May
Break Up
Crazy Arms
Live And Let Live
False Start & I'll make It All Up To You
Crazy Arms
Johnny B. Goode
False Start & Settin' The Woods On Fire
Break Up
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 5 Contains
Return Of Jerry Lee > SUN 301 < 
Break Up
I'll Make It All Up To You
Johnny B. Goode
Break Up  > SUN 303-A <
I'll Make It All Up To You > SUN 303-B <
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
I'll Sail My Ship Alone > SUN 312-B < 
Chatter & It Hurts Me So
You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven
It Hurts Me So > SUN 312-A <
Lovin' Up A Storm
Big Blon' Baby > SUN 317-B < 
Lovin' Up A Storm > SUN 317-A <
Sick And Tired
Shanty Town
Release Me
False Start & I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
Near You
I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You > SUN 330-B <
Hillbilly Fever
My Blue Heaven
My Blue Heaven
False Start & Let's Talk About Us
Little Queenie > SUN 330-A <
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Ballad Of Billy Joe > SUN 324-B <
Sail Away
False Start & Am I To Be The One
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 6 Contains
Night Train To Memphis
I'm The Guilty One
Let's Talk About Us > SUN 324-A < 
The Wild Side Of Life
Charming Billy
My Bonnie
Mexicali Rose
Mexicali Rose
Getting In The Mood
In The Mood > PI 3559-A <
I Get The Blues When It Rains
I Get The Blues When It Rains > PI 3559-B <
Don't Drop It
Great Speckled Bird
Great Speckled Bird
Bonnie B.
Baby, Baby Bye Bye
Baby, Baby Bye Bye > SUN 337-B < 
False Start & I Can't Help It
Old Black Joe
Your Cheatin' Heart
Old Black Joe > SUN 337-A < 
Bonnie B. > SUN 371-A < 
As Long As I Live > SUN 367-B < 
What'd I Say
Keep Your hands Off Of It
Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes > SUN 344-B <
John Henry > SUN 344-A < 
What'd I Say
C.C. Rider
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 7 Contains
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
Lewis Workout
When My Blue Moon Turn To Gold Again
When I Get Paid  > SUN 352-A < 
Love Made A Fool Of Me > SUN 352-B < 
No More Than I Get
Livin' Lovin' Wreck > SUN 356-B <
What'd I Say  > SUN 356-A < 
Cold Cold Heart > SUN 364-A <
I Forgot To Remember To Forget
It Won't Happen With Me > SUN 364-B < 
C.C. Rider
I Love You Because
Save The Last Dance For Me > SUN 367-A < 
Hello Josephine
High Powered Woman
My Blue Heaven
My Blue Heaven
Sweet Little Sixteen
Ramblin' Rose > SUN 374-B < 
Money > SUN 371-B <
Rockin' The Boat Of Love
Ramblin' Rose
I've Been Twistin' > SUN 374-A < 
Whole Lotta Twistin' Goin' On
I've Been Twistin'
I Know What It Means > SUN 396-B < 
High Powered Woman
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 8 Contains
Sweet Little Sixteen
My Girl Josephine
Set My Mind At Easy
Waiting For A Train
Sweet Little Sixteen > SUN 379-A < 
Waiting For A Train
How's My Ex Treating You
Good Rockin' Tonight
Be Bop A Lula
My Girl Josephine
How's My Ex Treating You > SUN 379-B <
Good Golly Miss Molly
I Can't Trust Me > SUN 382-B < 
Good Golly Miss Molly > SUN 382-A < 
My Pretty Quadroon
Waiting For A Train
Teenage Letter > SUN 384-A < 
Seasons Of My Heart > SUN 384-B <
Your Lovin' Ways
Just Who Is To Blame
Just Who Is To Blame
Hong Kong Blues
Love On Broadway
One Minute Past Eternity
False Start & Invitation To Your Party
Invitation to Your Party
I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye
Carry My Back To Old Virginia
False Start to Carry My Back To Old Virginia
Carry Me Back To Old Virginia > SUN 396-A <
Original Sun Recordings 

© Original Sun Recordings, licensed from Sun Entertainment, Inc. 

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