© 1990 Bear Family Records (CD) 500/200rpm BCD 15517 (1-5) mono digital

5 Compact boxed set, LP-size. Yellow label. Have circle of musical notes and staff around the entire label, with excepted of the bar wherein "Memphis, Tennessee" appear. The letters SUN with sun rays pressed in light brown at the top of the label. Bear Family logo left from the hole. This is the complete edition of Johnny Cash's Sun recordings. You can find the most of these titles endlessly duplicated and often overdubbed on countless compilations, undubbed and in premium sound quality for the first time. There are even some unissued sides. The set is rounded out with Johnny's first recordings for Columbia, false starts, chatter and outtakes. Also included in the boxed-set a 36-page booklet with session and liner notes by Colin Escott.

Produced: Sam C. Phillips and/or Jack Clement (Sun), Don Law (Columbia)
Re-Issued Produced: Colin Escott and Richard Weize
Mastered: Bob Jones

Story and Liner Notes: Colin Escott (Sun), Richard Weize (Columbia)
Handlettering: DeBlancoos, Amsterdam
Artwork: Hoffmann Nienburg. 

Photos & Illustrations:
Richard Weize, Dan Bass, Dave Booth, Showtime Archive,
Colin Escott, Doug Hanners, Michael Ochs Archives,
Richard Weize Collection 

Special Thanks:
Richard Jernigan, CBS Nashville, Bob Pinson,
Linda Reviost, Don Roy and Phill Wells

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Disc 1 Contains
Wide Open Road
You're My Baby
My Treasure
My Treasure > SUN 363-B <
Hey Porter
Folsom Prison Blues
Wide Open Road
My Two Timin' Woman
Hey Porter > SUN 221-B <
Cry! Cry! Cry! > SUN 221-A <
Wide Open Road
Port Of Lonely Hearts > SUN 347-A < 
Couldn't Keep From Crying
New Mexico
Folsom Prison Blues > SUN 232-B <
So Doggone Lonesome > SUN 232-A < 
Mean Eyed Cat > SUN 347-B <
Luther Played The Boogie > SUN 316-B < 
Rock And Roll Ruby
I Walk The Line
Brakeman's Blues (Incomplete)
Get Rhythm
Get Rhythm > SUN 241-A <
I Walk The Line > SUN 241-B <
Train Of Love
Train Of Love > SUN 258-A < 
There You Go  > SUN 258-B <
One More Ride (Incomplete)
I Love You Because > SUN 334-B <
Straight As In Love > SUN 334-A <
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 2 Contains
Don't Make Me Go
Next In Line > SUN 266-B < 
Don't Make Me Go
Don't Make Me Go > SUN 266-A <
Home Of The Blues (Undubbed Master) > SUN 279-A <
Give My Love To Rose> SUN 279-B < Rock Island Line
Wreck Of The Old '97
Country Boy
Leave That Junk Alone
Doin' My Time
Country Boy
If The Good Lord's Willing
I Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow
I was Here When It Happened
Remember Me
I Was There When It Happened
Big River
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
Goodnight Irene
Big River > SUN 283-B <
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen > SUN 283-A <
Come In Stranger
Guess Things Happen That Way (Undubbed Master)
Come In Stranger > SUN 295-B <
Oh, Lonesome Me (Undubbed Master)
Guess Things Happen That Way > SUN 295-A <
Oh, Lonesome Me (Overdubbed Master) > SUN 355-A <
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 3 Contains
Born To Lose (Undubbed Master)
You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
Born To Lose
Sugartime (Overdubbed Master)
Story Of A Broken Heart
Always Alone (Incomplete)
Always Alone
False Starts To Story Of A Broken Heart
Story Of A Broken Heart > SUN 343-A < 
You Tell Me > SUN 331-A <
Life Goes On > SUN 355-B <
You Win Again
I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
Hey Good Lookin'
I Can't Help It
Cold Cold Heart
Blue Train > SUN 376-A <
Katy Too > SUN 321-A <
The Ways Of A Woman In Love
Fools Hall Of Fame
The Ways Of A Woman In Love > SUN 302-A <
Thanks A Lot > SUN 316-A <
It's Just About Time
I Forgot To Remember To Forget
I Just Thought You'd Like To Know > SUN 309-A < 
It's Just About Time > SUN 309-B <
I Forgot To Remember To Forget > SUN 321-B < 
Down The Street To 301 > SUN 343-B < 
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 4 Contains
Oh What A Dream
I'll Remember You
Drink To Me
What Do I Care
It Was Jesus
Oh What A Dream
I'll Remember You
Mama's Baby
The Troubador
Run Softly Blue River
All Over Again
That's All Over
Frankie's Man Johnny
Fools Hall Of Fame
Walkin' The Blues
Lead Me Father
That's Enough'
I Still Miss Someone
One More Ride
Pickin' Time
Don't Take Your Guns To Town
I'd Rather Die Young
The Shepherd Of My Heart
Cold Shoulder
Original Columbia Recordings

 Disc 5 Contains
A complete session with false starts, breakdowns, rejected and finished masters of songs recorded on August 13, 1958, included ''Don't Take Your Guns To Town'' and ''I Still Miss Someone''. A unique fly-on-the-wall perspective on Johnny Cash in the studio.
Lead Me Father (Takes 1-4)
Lead Me Father (Takes 5-9)
Lead Me Father (Takes 10-12)
Lead My Father (Master Take 13)
That's Enough (Takes 1-3)
That's Enough (Master Take 4)
I Still Miss Someone (Takes 1-5)
I Still Miss Someone (Takes 6-8)
I Still Miss Someone (Takes 9-10)
I Still Miss Someone (Master Take 11)
One More Ride (Takes 1-4)
One More Ride (Takes 5-11)
One More Ride (Master Take 12)
Pickin' Time (Takes 1-2)
Pickin' Time (Master Take 3)
Don't Take Your Guns To Town (Takes 1-4)
Don't Take Your Guns To Town (Takes 5-6)
Don't Take Your Guns To Town (Master)
I'd Rather Die Young (Take 1 and Master Take 2)
The Shepherd Of My Heart (Takes 1-2 and Master Take 3)
Cold Shoulder (Takes 1-2 and Master Take 2)
Original Columbia Recordings 

© Original Sun Recordings, licensed from Sun Entertainment, Inc. 

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