© 1993 Bear Family Records (CD) 500/200rpm BCD 15713 (1-4) mono digital

4 Compact disc boxed set, LP-size. An Bear Family Special Products. Yellow label. Have circle of musical notes and staff around the entire label, with excepted of the bar wherein "Memphis, Tennessee" appear. The letters SUN with sun rays pressed in light brown at the top of the label. Bear Family logo left from the center on the disc. On the back cover Bear family logo and catalog number at the bottom. Here are Carl Mann's complete Sun-Phillips recordings complete for the first time, many of them previously unissued. Also his first record for Jaxon, and later record for Monument and ABC. Also included in the boxed set, 20-page booklet biography and features rare and previously unpublished photos and a detailed session file information by Colin Escott and Richard Weize. Liner notes and music notes by Hank Davis.

Producer: Jack Clement, Sam C. Phillips, Charles Underwood, Billy Sherrill,
Scotty Moore, Ray Stevens, Don Gant, Diane Petty, John Schweers
Re-Issued Producer: Colin Escott and Richard Weize
3-Track Mix: Colin Escott
Disc Transfer:
Hans-Peter Zdrenka
Tape Research: Colin Escott
Tape Comparison: Colin Escott
Music Notes: Hank Davis
Discography: Colin Escott and Richard Weize

Photos and Illustration: R.A. Andreas, Bo Berglind, Colin Escott, Hank Davis, Diethold Leu,
Carl Mann, Claes Olofson, Showtime Archives (Toronto), Dave Travis
Photo Restoration: Luxa Color
Artwork: Gerd Weiler and Sylke Lohmeyer
Thank to: John Burton, Carl Mann, Don Powell, Ian Saddler

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Disc 1 Contains
Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight
Rockin' Love
Mona Lisa > PI 3539 <
Foolish One > PI 3539 <
Rockin' Love > PI 3546 <
Pretend > PI 3546 <
I Can't Forget You > PI 3550) <
Some Exchanted Evening > PI 3550 <
I'm Coming Home > PI 3555 <
South Of The Border (PI 3555)
Ain't Got No Home
If I Ever Needed You
Island Of Love
Walkin' And Thinkin'
Baby I Don't Care
I'm Blue That Anyone Can Be
The Wayward Wind (Single Version) > PI 3564 <
Born To Be Bad > PI 3564 <
Ain't Got No Home > PI 3569 <
If I Could Change You > PI 3569 <
When I Grow To Old To Dream > PI 3579 <
Mountain Dew > PI 3579 <
Mona Lisa (Alternate Take)
Look At That Moon
Rockin' Love (Alternate Take)
Too Young
Take These Chains From My Heart
I Can't Forget You (Undubbed)
South Of The Border
Kansas City
Today Is Christmas
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 2 Contains
The Wayward Wind (Alternate Take)
Crazy Fool
Mountain Drew
Blueberry Hill
I'll Always Love You Darling
Ain't You Got No Lovin' For Me
Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away
Serenade Of The Bells
It Really Doesn't Matter No
Sentimental Journey
Born To Be Bad (Undubbed)
I Love You, I Adore You
Are You Teasing Me
Stop The World And Let Me Off
Don't Care
I'm Walking The Dog
Ubangi Stomp
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
Long Black Veil
If I Could Change You (w/o Chorus)
Blueberry Hill
Canadian Sunset
Even Tho'
Chinatown, My Chinatown
Because Of You
Till The End Of Forever
Mexicali Rose
Hey Doll Baby (Eddie Bush)
Baby I Don't Care (Eddie Bush)
Vanished (Eddie Bush)
Walkin' And Thinkin' (Eddie Bush)
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 3 Contains
Serenade Of The Bells
Down To My Last Forgive You
Blue River
Yesterday Id Gone
Burnin' Holes In The Eyes Of Abraham Lincoln
German Town
She Was Young
Paying For The Crimes
Met Her In Alaska
Funny Way Of Getting Over Someone Else
When The Leaves Turn Brown
Everyday Growns Sweet With The Wine
More To Life
Going To Church With Mama
It Really Matters
Toast To A Fool
I'm Married Friend
My Favorite Bunch Of Roses
Burnin' Holes In The Eyes Of Abraham Lincoln
The Ballad Of Johnny Clyde
Cheatin' Time
Keep Feeding Her The Wine
Let's Turn Back The Pages
If I Ever Love Again
Make A Man Want To
Neon Lights
Licensed by Carl Mann

Disc 4 Contains
I'm Just About Out Of My Mind
Neon Lights
It's Not The Coffee That's Keeping Me Awake
No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
Back Lovin'
Annie Over Time
Somebody Has To Booze
Is There No End To Lovin' You
Back Lovin'
Annie Over Time
I've Got Feelings Too
Twilight Time
Eighteen Yellow Roses
Belly Rubbin' Country Soul
Tennemonk, Georgia
She Loves To Love For The Feeling
Love Died A Long Time Ago
Darling Of Atlanta
Country Was The Song
Mona Lisa
Second Guessing
One Last Goodbye
On The Back Streets Of Dallas
Tripping On Teardrops
I Love You Too Much
Licensed by Carl Mann 

© Original Sun Recordings, licensed from Sun Entertainment, Inc. 

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