© 1998 Bear Family Records (CD) 500/200rpm BCD 16152 (1-3) mono digital

3 Compact disc boxed set, LP-sized. Blue label with geographic distortions, a subdued blue map of the world (with most of Europe and all of Asia conspicuously missing). Phillips International logo on top of the label that reads: Sam C. Phillips International Corp. and is printed between the red-white-blue pennant. The fine print on the bottom of the label restricted its reach to New York, Memphis and Hollywood. The most in-depth look at Charlie Rich's earliest recordings for Sun reveals a startling talent only hinted-at in previous reissues and greatest hits. More than 90 recordings, many of them previously unissued. Some recordings are in stereo for the first time, some are remixed to remove the choral overdubs. CD 1 includes all 31 originally issued Sun/Phillips singles and LP tracks. CD 2 features 29 unissued, fully-realized Phillips recordings, including alternate takes. CD 3 includes 33 rare or previously unissued demo's.

Producers: Sam C. Phillips, Bill Justis, Jack Clement, Scotty Moore, Charlie Rich
Re-Issue Producer: Hank Davis
3-Track Mixes and Mastering: Tom Moulton
Tape Research: Hank Davis and Tom Moulton
Biography/Music Commentary: Hank Davis
Discography: Colin Escott and Hank Davis
with Martin Hawkins and Richard Weize
Artwork: Sylke Houtrop

Photos and Illustrations
R.A. Andreas, Hank Davis, Colin Escott, Harold Murchison,
Michael Ochs Archives, Margaret Ann Rich,
The Showtime Archive (Toronto) 

Thanks to:
Margaret Ann Rich, Colin Escott, Peter Guralnick, Roland Janes,
Otto Kitsinger, Harold Murschison, Don Powell,
Jimmy M. Van Eaton, Martin Willis

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Disc 1 Contains
Whirlwind (Undubbed Version)
Philadelphia Bay > PI 3532-B <
Big Man < PI 3542-B < 
Rebound > PI 3542-A <
Everything I Do Is Wrong  > PI 3552-B < 
Lonely Weekends (Master) > PI 3552-A < 
School Days (Undubbed)
Gonna Be Waitin' > PI 3560-A < 
Stay > PI 3562-B <
On My Knees > PI 3562-A <
Who Will The Next Fool Be > PI 3566-A < 
Caught In The Middle > PI 3566-B < 
It's Too Late (Undubbed)
Just A Little Bit Sweet > PI 3572-A < 
Midnite Blues > PI 3576-B < 
Easy Money > PI 3576-A < 
Sittin' And Thinkin' > PI 3582-A <
Finally Found Out > PI 3582-B <
There's A Another Place I Can't Go > PI 3584-A <
I Need Your Love > PI 3584-B <
Red Man
Break Up
That's How Much I Love You
Apple Blossom Time
C.C. Rider
Come Back (Undubbed)
Sad News (Instrumental)
Whirlwind (Mono) > PI 3532-A < 
It's Too Late (Mono) > PI 3572-B <
School Days (Mono) > PI 3560-A < 
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 2 Contains
Rebound (Intro)
Rebound - 1
Time And Again
Stop Thief
Lonely Hurt Within
Big Man (Alternate Take)
Goodbye Mary Ann
My Heart Cries For You
Unchained Melody
Lonely Weekends
Sail Away
My Baby Done Left Me
That's Rich
Everything I Do Is Wrong (Alternate Take)
Too Many Years
Rebound - 2
I've Lost My Heart To You
What's My Name
You Made A Hit
Now Everybody Knows
Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
Popcorn Polly
Cloud Nine
Gentle As A Lamb
The Wedding Is Over
I Need Your Love (Alternate Take)
Lonely Weekends (Alternate Take)
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 3 Contains
Little Woman Friend Of Mine (Intro)
Little Woman Friends Of Mine
Ain't It A Shame
Stop Fakin' Your Love (Alternate Take)
It Hurt Me So
Juicehead Baby
The Loneliest Days
Baby I Need You
I Said Baby
Give In
There Won't Be Anymore
Charlie's Boogie
Every Day
Yes Ma'Am
Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave
My Baby Done Left Me
Sail Away
Graveyardville (Instrumental)
Time's A-Wasting
I Love No One But You
The Ways Of A Woman In Love
Deep Freeze
How Blue Can You Be
Blue Suede Shoes
Sittin' And Thinkin'
Untitled Instrumental
Thanks A Lot
Right Behind You Baby
Baby I Need You
Oh Lonely Days
Life Is A Flower
Portrait Of My Love
I'm Making Plans
Donna Lee
Original Sun Recordings 

© Original Sun Recordings, licensed from Sun Entertainment, Inc. 

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