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ORIBISON 1955 - 1965

7 CD boxed set, LP-sized. Between 1955 and 1965 Roy Orbison revolutionised popular music and these are the recordings that did it! This boxed set includes every recording from his golden decade! Beginning his career as a rockabilly singer on Jew-Wel and Sun Records , Roy scored one hit, ''Oooby Dooby'', and left many great early rare and rockin' sides behind, ''Problem Child'', ''Down The Line'', ''Rockhouse'', ''Cat Called Domino'', as well as songs he wrote for Buddy Holly, like ''An Empty Cup'' and ''You've Got Love''. Then Roy's song ''Claudette'' (both early demo's included here for the first time) became a hit for the Everly Brothers, and Roy went to Nashville to record first for RCA, then Monument. At Monument Records, Roy made the most perfectly realised pop music of the early-to-mid sixties. Bruce Springsteen spoke of its "mysterious sense of longing''. As Roy's contemporaries fell to the British Invasion, he went from strength to strength. All of his Monument recordings are complete here for the first time. All The hits, ''Uptown'', ''Only The Lonely'', ''Blue Angel'', ''I'm Hurtin'', ''Running Scared'', ''Crying'', ''Candy Man'', ''Dream Baby'', ''In Dreams'', ''Falling'', ''Mean Woman Blues'', ''Blue Bayou'', ''Pretty Paper'', ''It's Over'', ''Oh Pretty Woman'', and more! All the B-sides, including songs that became big hits for other artists, like ''Today's Teardrops'', ''Love Hurts'', and ''Distant Drums''. And all the album tracks from all the Monument LPs, plus previously unissued alternate takes and rare demos. This set concludes with Roy's first MGM hit, ''Ride Away'' from 1965, closing out incredible 10 years, 10 years that changed the way popular music was made. Altogether, this set includes more than 150 recordings, as well as an LP-sized book that includes many previously unseen photographs, a newly researched biography by Colin Escott, and a complete discography.

Producers: Fred Foster, Sam C. Phillips (Sun), Norman Petty, Chet Atkins, The Teen Kings
Reissued Producers: Howard Cockburn and Richard Weize, John Beecher (Teen Kings)
3-Track Mix: Vic Anesini, Dennis Ferrante, Mark Wilder
Disc/Metalpart Transfer: Alan Stoker
Tape Research: Richard Weize
Tape Comparison: Howard Cockburn
Mastering: Adam Skeaping, Bob Jones (Teen Kings)
Biography: Colin Escott
Discography: Richard Weize
Artdirection: Holger von Bargen
Artwork: Wolfgang Taubenauer

Photos and Illustrations:
R.A. Andreas, Bo Berglind, Steve Bonner, Trevor Cajiao, David Dennard,
Colin Escott, Johnny Franklin, Gordon Hansson, Linda Jones, Benjamin Koelewijn,
Michael Ochs Archives, Klaus Schmalenbach, The Showtime Music Archives (Toronto),
The Teen Kings 

Thanks to:
Barbara Orbison, Bo Berglind, Steve Bonner, John Ingman,
Jerry C. MacNeish, Derek Neall, Cass Paley, Nick Shaffran,
and of course, Billy, Pat, Jack James and Roy

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Disc 1 Contains
1 - Ooby Dooby (Teen Kings) (1956) 2:22
2 - Trying To Get To You (Teen Kings) (1956) 2:45
3 - *Ooby Dooby (Sun Master) (1956) 2:12 > SUN 242-A < 
4 - *Go! Go! Go! (1956) 2:08 > SUN 242-B <
5 - *Trying To Get To You (1989) 2:39
6 - *You're My Baby (1956) 2:04 > SUN 251-A < 
7 - *Rock House (1956) 2:04 > SUN 251-B < 
8 - *Sweet And Easy To Love (1957) 2:10 > SUN 265-A <
9 - *Devil Doll (1957) 2:08 > SUN 265-B <
10 - *Love Dumb Baby (Fragment) (2001) 0:27
11 - *Fool's Hall Of Fame (1974) 2:26
12 - *A True Love Goodbye (1974) 2:18
13 - *Chicken Hearted (1957) 2:15 > SUN 284-B < 
14 - *I Like Love (1957) 2:30 > SUN 284-A < 
15 - *Mean Little Mama (1988) 1:55
16 - *Problem Child (1988) 2:19
17 - *Cat Called Domino (1973) 2:14
18 - *You Tell Me (1984) 1:31
19 - *I Give Up (1984) 1:55
20 - *One More Time (1976) 1:15
21 - *Lovestruck (1976) 1:21
22 - *The Clown (1976) 1:42
23 - *Claudette (1974) 2:10
24 - *The Cause Of It All (1974) 2:23
25 - *You're Gonna Cry (1988) 2:05
26 - *This Kind Of Love (1988) 2:07
27 - *It's Too Late (1988) 1:57
28 - *I Never Know (1988) 2:20
29 - *Claudette (1988) 1:56
1-2 Original Je-Wel Recordings Licensed by Barbara Orbison Production
1-2 Original Je-Wel Recordings
*- 3-29 Original Sun Recordings

Disc 2 Contains
*Ooby Dooby (Take 1)
*Ooby Dooby (Take 2)
*Ooby Dooby (Take 3)
*Trying To Get To You (Alternate Take)
*Chicken Hearted (Semi Spoken)
*Problem Child (Alternate Take)
*The Clown (Alternate Take)
*This Kind Of Love
*It's Too Late (Alternate Take)
*I Was A Fool (Roy Orbison & Ken Cook) > PI 3534-B <
Seem To Me
Sweet And Innocent
I'll Never Tell
Almost Eighteen
Paper Boy
With The Bug
Ooby Dooby (Wink Westerners)
Hey! Miss Fannie (Wink Westerners)
A True Love Goodbye (Teen Kings)
An Empty Cup
Cat Called Domino
I Guess I'm Lonely (Roy Orbison & Joe Melson)
You Fool You (Roy Orbison & Joe Melson)
Velveteen Doll (Roy Orbison & Joe Melson)
She's Okay (Roy Orbison & Joe Melson)
*- 1-10 Original Sun Recordings
11-17 Original RCA Victor Recordings
18-26 Licensed from Barbara Orbison Production

Disc 3 Contains
Ooby Dooby
Racker Tacker
Blue Suede Shoes
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
St. Louis Blues
All By Myself
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Rock House
Singing The Blues
Rip It Up
Trying To Get To You
TK Blues
Go! Go! Go!
Bo Diddley
Do You Remember (Billy Pat Ellis & Jack Kennelly
About The Teen Kings
Fall 1956, TV Station Recordings

Disc 4 Contains
Paper Boy
Double Date
With The Bug
Up Town
Pretty One
Blue Avenue
Only The Lonely
Here Comes That Song Again
Today's Teardrops
Blue Angel
I'll Say It's My Fault
Come Back To Me (My Love)
(I'd Be) A Legend In My Time
Bye Bye Love
Twenty Two Day
I Can't Stop Loving You
I'm Hurtin'
Let's Make A Memory
Love Hurts
Running Scared
Nightlife (with Semi Spoken)
Summer Song
Original Monument Recordings

Disc 5 Contains
She Wears My Ring
The Great Pretender
Candy Man
House Without Windows
(They Call You) Gigolette
How Are Things In Paradise
(They Call You) Gigolette
Wedding Day
Let The Good Times Roll
Blue Bayou (2)
Part Heart
Love Star
Dream Baby
The Actress
No One Will Ever Know
The Crowd (2)
(I Get So) Sentimental
Working For The Man
Borne On The Wind
Distant Drums
Original Monument Recordings

Disc 6 Contains
I Dreams
My Prayer
Lonely Wine
Beautiful Dreamer
All I Have To Do Is Dream
Mean Woman Blues
What'd I Say
San Fernando (German)
Mama (German)
Pretty Paper
It's Over
Indian Wedding
O Pretty Woman (Single Version)
Yo Te Amo Maria
Only With You
(Say) You're My Girl (Fast)
(Say) You're My Girl (Slow)
Sleepy Hollow
Ride Away
1-23 Original Monument Recordings
24 Original MGM Recording

Disc 7 Contains
Oh Pretty Woman (LP Version)
Twenty Two Days
Love Hurts
(They Call You) Gigolette
Borne On The Wind
Pretty Paper
Indian Wedding
Blue Avenue
Here Comes That Song Again
It's Over
Today's Teardrops
Blue Angel
I'll Say It's My Fault
With The Bug
Double Date (Takes 1, 2)
Double Date (Take 5)
Double Date (Take 6)
Paper Boy (Takes 14, 16)
Paper Boy (Take 17)
Paper Boy (Take 18)
Paper Boy (Take 19)
With The Bug (Take 1)
With The Bug (Take 2)
With The Bug (Take 3)
With The Bug (Take 4)
With The Bug (Take 9)
The Roy Orbison Coca Cola Ad
Let's Get Together For A Coke
Stayed Out Too Late (1 & 2)
Things Go Better With Coke
Life Is Fun When You're Refr
C.O.C.A. C.O.L.A (1 & 2)
1-28 Original Monument Recordings 

© Original Sun Recordings, licensed from Sun Entertainment, Inc. 

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