Sun Records Compact Disc Reissues

The Best Of Sun Rockabilly - Volume 1 (Charly 16) Various Artists
The Best Of Sun Rockabilly - Volume 2 (Charly 36) Various Artists
The Blues Came Down From Memphis (Charly 67) Various Artists
We Wanna Boogie (Charly 29) Sonny Burgess
Rock With Me Baby (Charly 53) Billy Riley
The Sound Of Sun (CDSAM 103) Various Artists
Rockin' With Ray (Sun 32) Ray Smith
The Sun Blues Archives - Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Sun 36) Various Artists
Shake Around (CD 8117) Ray Smith
Hey Slim, Let's Bop (CPCD 8197) Jack Earls
Unissued Sun Masters (CPCD 8137) Various Artists
Rockabilly Legend (SNAP 182) Warren Smith
Sun Hillbilly (CPCD 8181) Various Artists
Hillbilly Fillies & Rockin' Chicks (CPCD 8182) Various Artists
Rockin' Mann (CPCD 8234) Carl Mann
Sun Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 1 (CPCD 8277) Various Artists
Sun Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 2 (CPCD 8318) Various Artists
Sun Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 3 (CPCD 8353) Various Artists
706 Union Instrumentals ( CPCD 8302) Various Artists
Getting Better All The Time (SROLLCD816X) Barbara Pittman
The Sun Records Story (SNAJ 713) Various Artists
Selected Hits (Internet MP3) The Four Upsetters
Rock 'N' Roll Legend (CRR 010) Sonny Burgess
Sun Rockabilly Meltdown (SNAJ 743) Various Artists

Some Charly releases feature material that was re-engineered and edited in the 1980s.
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1986 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm Charly 16 mono digital
Compact disc. An Charly Record Special Product. Silver label. SUN logo pressed in black at top of the label. Catalog number right from center. On the back cover Sun logo at left at bottom. Contains original Sun Masters.

Rockabilly is a musical genre revered by the enthusiasts, yet the word started out more as a derogatory term than a compliment, a reference to hillbillies who put a beat to their music. In its purest form rockabilly only existed for about two years before it was obliterated by the commercial considerations of the music business moguls. And yet, because it was a music that came from the soul it lived on in the hearts of those who were captivated by its magic. This small band of worshippers kept it alive until new generations discovered the basic appeal of rockabilly, and youngsters started listening to and playing the music a quarter of a century after its original mayfly existence. Since the mid seventies more rockabilly music has been issued in Europe than was ever released in the mid fifties.

It may not be strictly true to say that rockabilly was born in the Sun studios at 706 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee (more like the cotton fields of Tennessee, Mississippi and the hills of Arkansas) but it was certainly first recorded there. The Sun studio was instituted by Sam Phillips to record the blues artists that Memphis and its Beale Street is so justly famous for, but it was Sam's vision of a white boy who could capture the beat of the blues that led to the emergence of rockabilly. The vehicle that converted Sam's dreams to reality was a local boy, born in Tupelo, Mississippi, one Elvis Presley. It was who combined the white man's country music with the black man's blues and came up with the hybrid rockabilly.

What other independent record company could boast of a roster that included Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich, let alone those who never fully achieved their potential like Sonny Burgess, Billy Riley, Carl Mann and Hayden Thompson.

Small wonder then that the Sun label has been shrouded in a mystique that bestows upon its artists a legendary status. For rockabilly enthusiasts that their Mecca, and all bow reverentially towards Union Avenue. Sun Rockabilly, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz: these are words that just naturally come together. When you listen to this CD you are listening to the ultimate rockabilly sound.  For the complete rockabilly story you read that in the  8-page booklet with session notes by Adam Komorowski, Editor of New Kommotion.

Love My Baby (Little Junior's Blue Flames)
Red Hit (Billy Riley)
We Wanna Boogie (Sonny Burgess)
Come On Little Mama (Ray Harris)
Right Behind You Baby (Ray Smith)
Ubangi Stomp (Warren Smith)
Let's Bop (Jack Earls)
Rabbit Action (Junior Thompson)
Put Your Cat Clothes On (Carl Perkins)
Rockin' With My Baby (Malcolm Yelvington)
Ten Cats Down (The Miller  Sisters)
Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox (Onie Wheeler)
Gonna Romp And Stomp (Slim Rhodes)
Domino (Roy Orbison)
Rakin' And Scrapin' (Dean Beard)
Slow Down (Jack Earls)
Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache (Warren Smith)
Break Up (Ray Smith)
Greenback Dollar (Ray Harris)
Red Headed Woman (Sonny Burgess)
Flying Saucer Rock And Roll (Billy Riley)
Crawdad Hole (Jerry Lee Lewis) 
Original Sun Recordings
1986 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm Charly 36 mono digital

Compact disc. An Charly Record Special Product. Silver label. SUN logo pressed in black at top of the label.  Catalog number right from center. On the back cover Sun logo at left at bottom. Contains original Sun  Masters. Also included in the box, 8-page booklet with session notes by Adam Komorowski, Editor New  Kommotion.

Rockabilly's rough image can be traced to both Sam Phillips' lo-fi production ethic at Sun Records and the  dangerous look of the many Elvis wannabes on the label's roster; it continued as a symbol of defiance thanks  to the nouveau rockabilly look British teddy-boys sported in the 1960s (greased hair, rolled-up pant leg) and  the makeshift music the reconfigured teddies of punk rock made in the late 1970s. Charly Records 25-song  sampler The Best of Sun Rockabilly, Volume 2 is a fine document of rockabilly's charged, mid-1950s  beginnings, and includes tracks from original punks Jerry Lee Lewis "Wild One" and Carl Perkins "That  Don't Move Me", as well as contributions by less-popular, but equally idiosyncratic figures like Warren  Smith and Sonny Burgess. Burgess shows the frenetic and, at times, goofy side of rockabilly on his Little  Walter-inspired blues stomper "Itchy" and with lyrics like "I got a cracker/ain't got no cheese" from "Ain't  Got a Thing"; some of the music's more pop-flavored moments are heard on Andy Anderson's teen Romeo  number "Johnny Valentine" (sung in the classic hiccup and baritone style) and Barbara Pittman's Wanda  Jackson-style tune "Sentimental Fool." The package is made complete with schizo-rockers like Mack Self's  "Vibrate" and Jimmy Wages' "Mad Man," along with swamp-bred cuts like Smith's "Miss Froggie"  (apparently his girl is shaped like a frog). Like other fine rockabilly compilations (Columbia's hits-oriented  rockabilly stars for one), Charly's Best Of Sun Rockabilly, Volume Two is no longer in print, but definitely  worth looking through the used bins for.

I've Got Love If You Want It (Warren Smith)
That Don't Move Me (Carl Perkins)
Itchy (Sonny Burgess)
Drinkin' Wine (Gene Simmons)
How Come You Do Me (Version 1) (Jimmy Haggett)
Give Me Some Love (Alternate) (Harold Jenkins)
Johnny Valentine (Version 1) (Andy Anderson)
Baby Please Don't Go (Billy Riley)
Sentimental Fool (Barbara Pittman)
Rebound (Charlie Rich)
Miss Froggie (Warren Smith)
Rock Around The Town (Dean Beard)
Wild One (Jerry Lee Lewis)
My Baby Don't Rock (Luke McDaniel)
Find My Baby For Me (Version 1) (Sonny Burgess)
My Gal Mary-An (Jack Earls)
Me And My Rhythm Guitar (Johnny Powers)
All Night Rock (Version 1) (Glenn Honeycutt)
Your Lovin' Man (Vewrsion 1) Vernon Taylor)
Mad Man (Jimmy Wages)
Vibrate (Version 1) (Mack Self)
Fairlane Rock (Hayden Thompson)
I Need Your Lovin' Kiss (Harold Jenkins)
Perkins Wiggle (Carl Perkins)
Ain't Got A Thing (Sonny Burgess)
Original Sun Recordings
1987 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm Charly 67 mono digital
Compact disc. An Charly Record Special Product. Silver label. SUN logo pressed in black at top of the label. Catalog number right from center. On the back cover Sun logo at left at bottom. Contains original Sun recordings. 

Prior to his entry into the record business, Sam Phillips had been a band promotor and disk jockey. In the late 1940s he set up his own studio, recording solely Negro artists. Most of this material was released on the Bihari brothers labels, Modern, RPM and Meteor. Some was leased to the Chess brothers in Chicago, involving records by Howlin' Wolf, Doctor Ross, Harmonica Frank, Rufus Thomas and Walter Horton.

His venture proved so successful that Sam Phillips soon realized the possibilities for forming his own record company. Having already recorded just about blues singers in and around Memphis, it was not hard to found material. Most of the first thirty releases on Sun were by blues artists, most of whom have since achieved fame of one sort or another. Probably the two most well-known to the world of popular blues music are Rufus Thomas and Little Junior Parker, whose Sun records bear for more resemblance to the blues than do their current output. Another singer who has recently gained a measure of hit parade success is Little Milton Cambell, though once again his present efforts are in rather different context to those he recorded for Sun.

Other singers less well-known to the majority of the record-buying public, but of perhaps greater interest to blues collectors, also contributed to the early success of Sun Records: Joe Hill Louis, the legendary one-man-band, whom Phillips had previously recorded for Modern; Willie Nix, the singer/drummer who later recorded for Checker and Chance; Jimmy DeBerry, who had recorded for Vocalion in 1939; Doctor Ross, here featured as a singer/harmonicanist, later to become another one-man-band; James Cotton, now a mainstay of the Muddy Waters Blues Band, whose records on Chess are among the finest example of Postwar blues.  Also included in the box, 8-page booklet with session notes by Bez Turner, Co-Editor, Juke Blues.

We All Gotta Go Sometime
She May Be Yours (But She Comes To See Me Sometimes)
Keep Your Arms Around Me (Joe Hill Louis)
Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle) (Rufus Thomas)
Come Back Baby (Doctor Ross)
That Ain't Right (Doctor Ross)
Easy (Jimmy & Walter)
West Winds Are Blowing (Walter Horton)
Walter's Instrumental (Walter Horton)
Seems Like A Million Years (Willie Nix)
Baker Shop Boogie (Willie Nix)
Take A Little Walk With Me (Willie Nix)
Bear Cal (Rufus Thomas)
Cotton Crop Blues (James Cotton)
Feelin' Good   (Little Junior Blue's Flames)
Mystery Train   (Little Junior Blue's Flames)
Love My Baby (Little Junior Blue's Flames)
Carry My Business On (Houston Stokes)
I Feel So Worried (Sammy Lewis)
So Long Baby Goodbye (Willie Johnson)
Original Sun Recordings
1987 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm Charly 92 mono digital
This collection from one of rockabilly's toughest, edgiest singers. This release compiles a variety of the great rock and roll and rockabilly recordings Sonny Burgess made for Sun Records between 1956 and 1959, including Burgess' biggest hits as well as a host of tunes that missed the charts but match his signature songs for infectious energy. Every effort has been made to replicate the incredible vibrancy of the original Sun records.
We Wanna Boogie
Red Headed Woman
Feelin' Good
Ain't Got A Thing
Truckin' Down the Avenue
Fannie Brown
Goin' Home
Sadie Brown
My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Sweet Misery
All My Sins Are Taken Away
My Babe
Tomorrow Night
Daddy Blues
So Glad You're Mine
Hoochie Coochie
Find My Baby for Me
One Night
Little Town Baby
A Kiss Goodnight
Sadie's Back In Town
Original Sun Recordings
 1987 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm Charly 53 mono digital
Compact disc. An Charly Record Special Product. Silver label. SUN logo pressed in black at top of the label. Catalog number right from center. On the back cover Sun logo at left at bottom.

While many of the artists who passed through 706 Union Avenue found fame on the Sun label, others had to wait for a change of stable before scaling the heights of stardom. Billy Lee Riley falls into neither category: at Sun he recorded a number of rockabilly classics without achieving prominent hit status, and on a host of other labels he came close several times to breaking through to the big time (most notably with ''Thing About You Baby'' on Entrance in the early 1970s), but somehow fate always conspired to deny him his just dues. However his lack of commercial success has not precluded him from gaining legendary status amongst the rockabilly cognoscenti. Along with several other Sun artists, and here the names of Sonny Burgess, Warren Smith and Charlie Feathers most readily spring to mind, Riley is recognised as one of the pioneers of the Sun sound, and artistically seen to be on a par with some of the more famous names spawned by Sam Phillips. Lend an ear to this CD for instant verification of that fact. Here then is the best of Billy Lee Riley, a man instrumental in more senses than one in putting the Sun label in the rockabilly hall of fame.  Also included in the box, 8-page booklet with biography information and liner notes by Adam Komorowski, Editor New Kommotion.

Rock With Me Baby
Trouble Bound
Flying Saucer Rock And Roll
I Want You Baby
Red Hot
Pearly Lee
Wouldn't You Know
Baby Please Don't  Go
Dance With Me Honey (Tock With Me Baby – 2)
Open The Door Richard
That's Right
College Man
Down By The Riverside
No Name Girl
Swannee River Rock
Saturday Night Fish Fry (They Was Rockin')
Dark Muddy Bottom
When Aan Gets The Blues
Betty And Dupree
(Come Back Baby) One More Time
Got The Water Boiling
Original Sun Recordings
1988 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm SAM 103 mono digital
Bear Cat (Rufus Thomas)
Just Walkin' In The Rain (The Prisonaires)
 Feelin' Good (Little Junior Blue Flames)
Tiger Man (Rufus Thomas)
Mystery Train (Little Junior Blue Flames)
Drinkin' Wine Spodee-O-Dee (Malcolm Yelvington)
The Boogie Disease (Doctor Ross)
Red Hot (Billy Emerson)
Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
Rock And Roll Ruby (Warren Smith)
I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)
Ooby Dooby (Roy Orbison)
Bobbin' The Blues (Carl Perkins)
Red Headed Woman (Sonny Burgess)
Come On Little Mama (Ray Harris)
Flying Saucers Rock And Roll (Billy Riley)
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Raunchy (Bill Justis)
Great Balls Of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Right Behind Your Baby (Ray Smith)
Pretend (Carl Mann)
Lonely Weekend (Charlie Rich)
Original Sun Recordings
1991 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CD Sun 32 mono digital
Compact disc. An Charly Record Special Product. Silver label. SUN logo pressed in black at top of the label. Catalog number right from center. On the back cover Sun logo at left at bottom, catalog number in upper right. Original Sun recordings. 

Many artists failed to get on Sun Records, some were lucky enough to get a recordings session and a release, however not many had the opportunity of having two stabs at the cherry. One such was Ray Smith who came to Sun early in 1958 recorded a dozen sides or so went on the Judd label and had a national hit with ''Rockin' Little Angel'' and subsequently returned to Sun in 1961 to record a further couple of singles.  Also included in the box, an 8-page booklet with biography and liner notes by Adam Komorowski.

Right Behind You Baby
Shake Around
You Made A Hit
Rockin' Bandit
Life Is A Flower
Two Pennies And A String
Sail Away
I Wanna Be Free
The Girl Was Meant For Me
Little Girl
Forever Yours
Why Why Why
Break Up
Willing And Eager
So You
I Won't Miss You
Travellin' Salesman
Candy Doll
Hey Boss Man
Rockin' Bandit
Original Sun Recordings
1990-1992 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CD SUN 36 mono digital

5 compact disc boxset. An Charly Records Special Products. Silver label. Sun logo pressed at top of the  label. On the back cover Sun logo and catalog number left at bottom.

Contains recently discovered and  alternate versions of black music recorded in Memphis in the 1950s by Sam Phillips. Also included in the  boxsets, 8-page booklet with liner notes by Hank Davis. The Sun Blues Archive is a CD compilation set to  the boxed LP set ''Sun Records – The Blues Years (Sunbox 105) – due out on CD shortly. They also include  the best of some now-deleted Charly LPs.

1990 Volume 1 Contains ''Blue Guitar''
The Hucklebuck (Earl Hooker)
Mexicali Hip Shake (Earl Hooker)
The Drive (Earl Hooker)
Razorback (Earl Hooker)
Blue Guitar (Earl Hooker)
Bed River variations (Earl Hooker)
Move On Down The Line (Earl Hooker)
Guitar Rag (Earl Hooker)
Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (Pinetop Perkins)
Walked All Night (Charlie Booker)
Harping On It (Coy Hot Shot Love)
Wolf Call Boogie (Coy Hot Shot Love)
Flypaper Boogie (L.B. Lawson & James Scott Blues Rockers)
Got My Call Card (L.B. Lawson & James Scott Blues Rockers)
Scott's Boogie (L.B. Lawson & James Scott Blues Rockers)
Missing In Action (L.B. Lawson & James Scott Blues Rockers)
Can't Love Me And My Money Too (L.B. Lawson & James Scott Blues Rockers)
If You Don't Want Me (Woodrow Adams)
The Last Time (Woodrow Adams)
Baby Tell Me Your Name (Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo)
Gonna Leave You Baby (Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo)
So Long Baby, Goodbye (Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo)
Feel So Worried (Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo)
Original Sun Recordings

1990 Volume 2 Contains ''Bootin' Boogie''
I Don't Like It (Rosco Gordon)
Don't Take It Out Of Me (Rosco Gordon)
If You Want Your Woman (Rosco Gordon)
You Been Cheatin' On Me (Rosco Gordon)
Hey Hey Girl (Rosco Gordon)
Mean Woman (Rosco Gordon)
Real Pretty Mama (Rosco Gordon)
Shoobie Oobie (Rosco Gordon)
Sally Jo (Rosco Gordon)
Go Ahead On (Guitar Red)
Baby Please Don't Go (Guitar Red)
Love My Baby (Junior Parker)
Sittin' In The Window (Junior Parker)
Feelin' Bad (Junior Parker)
Sittin' At The Bar (Junior Parker)
Love My Baby (Junior Parker)
Don't Dog Me Around ( Eddie Snow And Elven Parr's Band)
Mean Mean Woman ( Eddie Snow And Elven Parr's Band)
Skin And Bone-1 ( Eddie Snow And Elven Parr's Band)
Skin And Bone-2 ( Eddie Snow And Elven Parr's Band)
No Teasing Around (Billy Emerson)
When My Baby Quit Me (Billy Emerson)
I'm Not Going Home (Billy Emerson)
Hey, Little Girl (Billy Emerson)
Original Sun Recordings

1992 Volume 3 Contains ''Deep Harmony''
I Wonder Why (Hunki Dori)
I'd Like To Be There (Hunki Dori)
Why Don't You Use Your Head (Hunki Dori)
Baby Don't Leave Me (Hunki Dori)
This Misery (Hunki Dori)
Workin' On A Building (Hunki Dori)
I Hear The Saviour Calling (Hunki Dori)
Old Time Religion (Hunki Dori)
Down Home (Hunki Dori)
Why Don't You Use Your Head – 2 (Hunki Dory)
I Want My Baby Back (Hunki Dori)
Fire (The Veltones)
Did You (The Veltones)
Blessed Be The Name (Southern Jubilees)
What Do You Do Next (The Prisonaires)
There Is Love In You (The Prisonaires)
Dreaming Of You (The Prisonaires)
Friends Call Me A Fool (The Prisonaires)
I Wish (The Prisonaires)
Rocking Horse (The Prisonaires)
That Chick's Too Young (The Prisonaires)
Gonna Let You Go (The Five Tinos)
Trouble (Blue Nights) (Ed Kirby)
Mean Old Gin (Ed Kirby)
Original Sun Recordings

1992 Volume 4 Contains ''Way After Midnight''
Early In The Morning (Billy Love)
There's No Use (Billy Love)
If You Want To Make Me Happy (Billy Love)
You Could Have Loved Me (Billy Love)
Gee I Wish (Billy Love)
Hey Now (Billy Love)
Way After Midnight (Billy Love)
Blues Leave Me Alone (Billy Love)
Hart's Bread Boogie (Billy Love)
Somebody's Carryin' My Rollin' On (Raymond Hill)
My Baby Left Me (Raymond Hill)
Sittin' On Top Of The World (Raymond Hill)
I'm back Pretty Baby (Raymond Hill)
We're All Gonna Do Some Wrong (Houston Stokes)
4 O'Clock Blues (Houston Stokes)
Best Friend Blues (Houston Stokes)
Baby's Gone And Left Me (Houston Stokes)
Going Crazy (Houston Stokes)
The Hammer (Instrumental) (Houston Stokes)
Satisfied (Billy "The Kid" Emerson)
When My Baby Quit Me (Billy "The Kid" Emerson)
Shim Sham Shimmy (Billy "The Kid" Emerson)
No Greater Love (Billy "The Kid" Emerson)
Red Hot (Billy "The Kid" Emerson)
Original Sun Recordings

1992 Volume 5 Contains ''Back Country Boogie''
They Call Me Talking Boy – 1 (William Talking Boy Stewart)
Country Farm Blues (William Talking Boy Stewart)
Rattlesnake Mama (William Talking Boy Stewart)
I Love My Baby (William Talking Boy Stewart)
Hey Gal – 1 (William Talking Boy Stewart)
Hey Gal – 2 (William Talking Boy Stewart)
Black Snake (William Talking Boy Stewart)
Forty Four Blues (William Talking Boy Stewart)
Talking Boy – 2 (William Talking Boy Stewart)
Country Clown (Doctor Ross)
Cat Squirrel (Doctor Ross)
Shake-A-My Hand (Doctor Ross)
That Ain't Right (Doctor Ross)
Shake 'Em On Down (Doctor Ross)
My Be Bop Gal (Doctor Ross)
Terra Mae (Doctor Ross)
Turkey Leg Woman (Doctor Ross)
Feel So Sad (Doctor Ross)
Chicago Breakdown (Doctor Ross)
Jukebox Boogie (Doctor Ross)
Boogie Disease (Doctor Ross)
Dr. Ross Boogie (Doctor Ross)
Downtown Boogie (Doctor Ross)
Industrial Boogie (Doctor Ross)
Original Sun Recordings
1996 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8117 mono digital
Shake Around collects 21 of Smith's Sun recordings and two sides of a single on Veejay. His hit "Rockin' Little Angel" on Judd, a label run by Sam Phillips' brother, isn't included, but several revered rockabilly tracks are present, "Shake Around'', "Willing And Ready". Smith vacillated between teen-oriented pop and Elvis influenced rock and roll and was sometimes artistically successful with both. Many Charlie Rich compositions are featured, as are a handful of recordings by Ray Rockin' Smyth and the Rockin' Rockers, who may or may not be Ray Smith. Anyone hungry for vintage Sun recordings will enjoy at least some of this package, as will rockabilly collectors.

Break Up
Why, Why, Why
Willing And Ready
So Young
Right Behind You Baby
You Made A Hit
Shake Around
Rockin' Bandit (Undubbed)
Sail Away
Forever Yours
I Won'T Miss You ('Til You Go)
Travelin' Salesman
Candy Doll
Hey, Boss Man
Life Is A Flower
Little Girl
I Wanna Be Free
Two Pennies And A String
The Girl Was Meant For Me
Rockin' Bandit (Undubbed)
Why, Why, Why (Alternate)
Rockin' Robin
Robbin' The Cradle
Tracks 1-21 Original Sun Recordings
Tracks 22-23 Original VeeJay Recordings
Compiled by Adam Komorowski.
Remastered by Peter Rynston at Charly Studios, London.
1996 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8197-1 mono digital
Compact disc. An Charly Records Special Products. Black label. Photo of Jack Earls pressed left from center. Charly logo pressed in red on top of the label. On the front cover, Sun logo left on top says "Stars On". On the back cover Charly logo on top. Catalog logo in upper right.  This collection contains all the Jack Earls important Sun titles and gives some indication of his talent.  Also included in the box, 12-page booklet with biography and liner notes by Adam Komorowsky. The booklet also features rare and previously unpublished photos. Produced for release by Joop Visser. Digital remastering at Charly Studios, London, by Peter Rynston.

Hey Jim
They Can't Keep Me From You (2)
Hey Slim
Crawdad Hole (1)
When I Dream (1)
Crawdad Hole (2)
Slow Down
A Fool For Lovin' You
Crawdad Hole (3)
If You Don't Mind
Let's Bop
Sign On The Dotted Line (1)
My Gal Mary Ann
Take Me To That Place (1)
They Can't Keep Me From You (1)
When I Dream (2)
Take Me To That Place (2)
Sign On The Dotted Line (2)
Original Sun Recordings
March 5, 1996 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8137 mono digital
Wampus Cat (Howard Chandler)
This Chick (Ray Garden)
Little Red Hen (Unknown Artist)
Chain Gang Charlie (Curley Money)
Love Crazy Baby (Ken Parchman)
Treat Me Right (Ken Parchman)
Johnny Valentine (Andy Anderson)
Peroxide Blond And Hopped Up Model Ford (Gene Simmons)
Rabbit Action (Jimmy Hagget)
Put Me Down (Jesse Lee Turner)
Cry Baby Cry (Narvel Felts)
Did You Tell Me (Narvel Felts)
Teenage Way (Narvel Felts)
Campus Love (Glenn Honeycutt)
You’re The Only Star (Carl McVoy)
Little Girl (Carl Mcvoy)
Everybody’s Trying To Kiss My Baby (Gene Ross)
Nothing On My Mind (Jimmy Pritchett)
Right Behind You Baby (Ray Smith)
I’m Stepping Aside (Harold Dorman)
Dance Little Girl (Cliff Thomas)
The King Is Back (Curtis Hoback)
With My Best Friend (Curtis Hoback)
Stop (Teddy Reidel)
Tired Of Love (Teddy Reidel)
Someday Baby (Dick Penner)
Remember When (Rudy Grayzell)
Don’t Got Away (Johnny Powers)
But Now That It’s Over (Johnny Powers)
If I Can’t Have You (Lynn Pratt)
Original Sun Recordings
Manufactured By – Rajon Distribution Pty. Limited
Distributed By – Rajon Distribution Pty. Limited
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Charly Records (U.K.) Limited
Copyright (c) – Charly Records (U.K.) Limited
1996 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm SNAP 182 mono digital
This CD includes some previously unreleased material plus a 32 page booklet. Best known as the rockabilly rebel responsible for house-rocking Sun Records singles like "Ubangi Stomp'', Warren Smith isn't one of the genre's biggest names, but his best work is right on par with Carl Perkins, Billy Lee Riley. Over the course of its 30 tracks, including not only the most familiar material but alternate tracks and other ephemera, the definitive Smith collection ''Rockabilly Legend'', makes his case in no uncertain terms. This anthology features not only Warren's rockabilly gems but some classy country moments as well, painting a full picture of his talents.

Rock And Roll Ruby
I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry
Black Jack David
Ubangi Stomp
Tell Me Who
Tonight Will Be The Last Night
The Darkest Cloud
So Long, I'm Gone
Who Took My Baby
Miss Froggie
Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
Stop The World
Got Love If You Want It
I Fell In Love
Dear John (Studio Talk & Master)
Hank Snow Medley (Alternate Take 4)
Do I Love You
Uranium Rock
Goodbye Mr. Love
Sweet, Sweet Girl (False Start & Master)
I Couldn't Take The Chance
I Like Your Kind Of Love
Uranium Rock (Alternate Take)
Goodbye Mr. Love (Alternate Take)
Stop The World
Rock And Roll Ruby (Alternate Take)
So Long, I'm Gone (Alternate Take 2)
Old Lonesome Feeling (Incomplete Take)
My Hanging Day
Sweet, Sweet Girl (Alternate Take)
Original Sun Recordings
1996 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8181 mono digital
Sam Phillips started his Sun Records label in 1952 and recorded seemingly all comers in the Memphis area, tracking gospel, blues, country, boogie, and Western swing performers and as luck would have it, a fair amount of what were termed "hillbilly" artists, who recorded all sorts of variations on the above genres. Phillips and Sun hit it big in 1954, of course, with Elvis Presley, as well as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Carl Perkins, but this knack for cutting sides by obscure local eccentrics also produced little known records by the likes of Hardrock Gunter and Slim Rhodes, both of whom have interesting selections included on this collection. The biggest name here is probably Charlie Feathers, although only hardcore rockabilly fans are likely to know who he is, so this set is a fine history lesson in the roots of rockabilly and in the open-minded, fortunate expansiveness of Phillips' taste in recording projects. Rockabilly, and in turn that next logical step, rock and roll, didn't come out of nowhere, and the proof is here.

Take And Give (Slim Rhodes)
If I Had As Much Money As I Have Time (Red Hadley)
Just Rollin' Along (Malcolm Yelvington)
Boogie Blues (Earl Peterson)
My Kind Of Carryin' On (Doug Poindexter)
Daisy Bread Boogie (Gene Steele)
Peepin' Eyes (Charlie Feathers)
No More (Jimmy Haggett)
Finders Keepers (The Miller Sisters)
When You Stop Loving Me (Cast King)
My Heart Tells Me (Ernie Chaffin)
No Fool Like An Old Fool (Ernie Chaffin)
Try Doin' It Right (Mississippi Slim)
Gonna Dance All Night (Hardrock Gunter)
Fiddle Bop (The Rhythm Rockers)
Fallen Angel (Hardrock Gunter)
Golden Band (Howard Chandler)
I've Never Stopped Loving You (Ramsey Kearney)
You Can't Hurt Me Anymore (Bill Strength)
Feelin' Low (Ernie Chaffin)
Defrost Your Heart (Charlie Feathers)
Goin' Crazy (Mack Self)
Baby Doll (Cast King)
Runnin' Around (Charlie Feathers)
Wedding Bells (Ernie Barton)
Workin' Shoes (Onie Wheeler)
Satisfied With Me (Cast King)
Split Personality (Clyde Leopard Band)
This Train (O.C. Hunt)
My True Love Said Goodbye (Red Williams)
Train Of Memories (Wayne Perdle)
Original Sun Recordings
1996 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8182 mono digital

The CD "Hillbilly Fillies & Rockin' Chicks" (Charly CPCD 8182, from 1996) includes two Wanda Ballman  tracks. The liner notes by Adam Komorowski tell us: "Wanda Ballman hailed from rural North East  Arkansas, and was inducted into performing by her music teacher mother, to such good effect that by the age  of 13 she was appearing on radio in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Marriage to Charles Ballman caused her to relocate  to Denver, Colorado, where she had a country music show at the Bandbox Ballroom. In 1955 she cut her first  record on the Starday custom label in Houston, Texas, "Think It Over (Before You Cast A Stone)"/"I'm  Gonna Keep My Eye On You". She then sent in her composition "I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry" to Sam Phillips at  Sun, and Carl Perkins duly recorded it. A minor country hit in September, 1956, it prompted thoughts of  recording for Sun herself. Sam was obviously interested for in May of the following year he had her  recording five titles in Memphis. Two of them, "Heartbreak Girl" and the rocking "Ain't Got A Worry" are  included here. After failing to get a release on Sun, Wanda moved to Mesa, Arizona and concentrated on her  writing. After meeting Roy Acuff she channeled her material through Acuff-Rose and had hits recorded by  Loretta Lynn ("If You're Not Gone Too Long"), Charley Pride ("Anywhere Just Inside Your Arms") as well  as Kitty Wells. During the early 1970's, Wanda moved to Nashville with husband Charles and became  involved with the country gospel scene. Review by Dik de Heer.

Ten Cats Down (The Miller Sisters)
Welcome To The Club (Jean Chapel)
I Need A Man (Barbara Pittman)
I Wanna Rock (Patsy Holcomb)
I Won’t Be Rockin’ Tonight (Jean Chapel)
You Can’t Break The Chains Of Love (The Miller Sisters)
Sentimental Fool (Barbara Pittman)
Ain’t Got A Worry (Wanda Ballman)
Heartbreak Girl (Wanda Ballman)
Ooh That’s Good (Patsy Holcomb)
I’ll Wait Forever (Anita Wood)
I Can’t Show How I Fell (Anita Wood)
Red Velvet (The Kirby Sisters)
Craziest Feeling (The Kirby Sisters)
Two Young Fools In Love (Barbara Pitman)
Memories Of You (Magel Priesman)
Rock 'N' Roll Cinnamon Tree (Maggie Sue Wimberly)
Jumpin’ Jack (Cliff & Barbara Thomas)
Everlasting Love (Barbara Pittman)
Voice Of A Fool (Barbara Pittman)
Just One Day (Barbara Pittman)
No Matter Who’s To Blame (Barbara Pittman)
Call Me Anything But Call Me (Maggie Sue Wimberly)
Someday You Will Pay (The Miller Sisters)
There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong (The Miller Sisters)
Love Is A Stranger (The Sunrays)
Got You On My Mind (The Miller Sisters)
I Know I Can't Forget You But I'll Try (The Miller Sisters)
You Can Tell Me (The Miller Sisters)
How Long Can It Be ( Maggie Sue Wimberly)
Original Sun Recordings
1996 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8234 mono digital
''Rockin'' Man'' is a 28-track release featuring early Sun Records rocker Carl Mann, including the tracks ''Mona Lisa'', ''Pretend'', "Kansas City'', "Ain't Got No Home'', and "Blueberry Hill''. A comprehensive 28 track compilation of the best material recorded for the Sun subsidiary label, Phillips International in 1959 and 1960, at the close of the original rockabilly era.
One of the last discoveries on Sam Phillips' legendary Sun label, piano player Carl Mann was best known for his rockabilly reworking of the Nat "King" Cole pop standard "Mona Lisa." That million-selling hit positioned him as something of a softer, smoother Jerry Lee Lewis, possessed of a crooner's instincts and a velvety vibrato. Unfortunately, Mann was never able to land another hit on the level of "Mona Lisa," despite waxing a fair amount of high-quality rock and roll. Like many early rock vets, he eventually moved into country music when the rockabilly market dried up, but never successfully established himself in that arena, and gradually drifted out of music.

Mona Lisa
Foolish One
Rockin' Love
Some Enchanted Evening
I Can't Forget You
Look At That Moon
Take These Chains From My Heart
Too Young
South Of The Border (AlternateTake)
Kansas City
The Wayward Wind
Ain't Got No Home
Blueberry Hill
I'll Always Love You, Darlin'
Baby, I Don't Care
I Don't Care
Ubangi Stomp
I'm Comin' Home
Born To Be Bad
Ain't You Got No Lovin' For Me
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
When I Grow Too Old to Dream
Mountain Dew
If I Could Change You
Even Tho'
Because Of You
Long Black Veil
Original Sun Recordings
January 1, 1997 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8277 mono digital
Sun Rock And Roll Volume 1 is a treasure chest of curiosities for fans of Sun Records and early rock and roll in general. The 30 selections are mostly non-hits and obscurities from the late 1950s and early 1960s, including a track by Cliff Gleaves, a long-time member of Elvis Presley's Memphis Mafia. Some names will be familiar to many listeners: Dickey Lee, Thomas Wayne (his hit version of "Tragedy" is here), Mickey Gilley, Carl McVoy, and Ace Cannon ("Tuff"). The quality is high throughout, and some of the unknowns (Ernie Barton's "Shut Your Mouth," for one) rival the recordings of those who would later become famous. A photo- and text-filled 12-page booklet provides biographical info for each of the performers.

You Better Dig It (Bill Johnson)
Walkin' And Talkin' (Mack Owen)
Diamond Ring (Jimmy Isle)
Ooh Wee (Brad Suggs)
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Carl McVoy)
More Pretty Girls Than One (Edwin Howard)
Hey Baby Doll (Eddie Bush)
You're Cheatin' Heart (Cliff Gleaves)
Let 'Em Talk (Harold Dorman)
Tuff (Ace Cannon)
Shut Your Mouth (Ernie Barton)
Hula Bop (Smokey Joe Baugh)
Shake 'Em Up Baby (Frank Ballard)
Hambone (Rayburn Anthony)
Bobaloo (Bill Johnson)
Belle Of The Suwanee (Tracy Pendarvis)
Wait 'Til Saturday Night (Harold Dorman)
I Wanna Make Sweet Love ( Jerry McGill And The Topcoats)
Mean Ol World (Cliff Thomas)
Rockin' History (Jimmy Williams)
I'm Lossing You (Red Williams)
Tragedy (Thomas Wayne)
C'Mon Baby, Have A Little Party (Mickey Gilley)
No More Crying The Blues (Alton & Jimmy)
Good Gragious (The Vel-Tones)
I'm Getting Better All The Time (Barbara Pittman)
Baby Doll (The Four Dukes)
All I Want Is You (Jimmy Williams)
Memories Never Grown Old (Dicvkey Lee)
Original Sun Recordings
1998 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8318 mono digital
The Best Of Sun Rock 'N' Roll, Volume 2 features a number of original historic cuts that made the label legendary but it also focuses on lesser-known obscurities that are, in many cases, just as enjoyable. Included alongside hits by Wade Cagle, Alton & Jimmy, Glenn Honeycutt, Charlie Rich, Curtis Hoback, and Ernie Barton.

Forty Days (Wade Cagle)
Owee, Owee (Wade Cagle)
Lovestruck (Jerry McGill & The Topcoats)
She's A Woman (Smokey Joe Baugh)
Trouble (Johnny Powers)
Gonna Give A Party (James Woods)
Lock You In My Heart (James Woods)
Hey Mr. Blues (James Woods)
Somehow We'll Find A Way (Roger Fakes)
Why Do I Love You (Alton & Jimmy)
I Just Don't Know (Alton & Jimmy)
What's The Use (Alton & Jimmy)
Don't Be Runnin' Wild (Ken Cook)
I Was A Fool (Roy Orbison)
Stairway To Nowhere (Ernie Barton)
Little Bitty Pretty Girl (Roland Janes)
Stop The World (And Let Me Off) (Carl Mann)
Without A Love (Jimmy Isle)
I'll Be Satisfied (Carl McVoy)
Born To Lose (Carl McVoy)
It Makes No Different Now (Carl McVoy)
Yes Ma' Am (Charlie Rich)
Trip Into Love (Curtis Hoback)
Bagpipe Rock (Glenn Honeycutt)
Hula Hula (Glenn Honeycutt)
Original Sun Recordings
1999 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8353 mono digital
The third volume in Charly's Sun Rock 'N' Roll series unearths additional Sun and Phillips International rarities the compilers classify as rock rather than rockabilly. Only a few of the recordings were actually issued by Sun or Phillips International, the rest are unreleased masters, unfinished underdubs, or demos, some of which have surfaced on earlier compilations. Despite the obscurity of most of the cuts, only three are previously unreleased. Collectors of Sun rockabilly will recognize many of the artists here, from semilegendary Elvis Presley sound-alike Johnny Powers to Jerry Lee Lewis' cousin Carl McVoy, but others will be unknown even to those who make a point of accumulating Sun compilations. Sam Phillips originally chose not to release the majority of this material for reasons that are often readily apparent. For instance, Tony Austin's strange lounge version of "Blue Suede Shoes" is simply artistically unsuccessful, while other songs are roughly recorded and played. Anyone who routinely buys this sort of anthology knows what to expect, so the important thing is that there be a lot of tracks, detailed liner notes, and good sound quality.

Lord Hoody (Tommy Blake)
With Your Love, With Your Kiss (Johnny Powers)
Apron Strings (Curtis Hoback)
My One Desire (Jimmy Williams)
Tootsie (Carl McVoy)
Leave It To Me (Cliff Thomas)
Silly Blues (Bobbie And The Boys)
You're Just My Kind (Will Mercer)
Crazy Baby (Ken Cook)
Hey, Good Lookin' (Eddie Cash)
Open The Door Richard (Ernie Barton)
High School Rock (Bill Pinkney & The  Jerks)
Move On Down (Frank Ballard)
I'll Change My Ways (Danny Stewart)
Blue Suede Shoes (Tony Astin)
Wild Woman (Wade & Dick)
My And My Blues (Teddy Reidel)
Congratulations To You Joe (Sid Watson)
Have Faith In My Love (Alton & Jimmy)
Is It Too Late (Tracy Pendarvis)
Alice Blue Gown (Rayburn Anthony)
What Will I Do (Wayne Cogswell)
The Last Goodnight (Cliff Thomas)
Be Wise, Don't Cry (Glenn Honeycutt)
I'll Be Around (Jack Frost) 
Original Sun Recordings
1997 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8302 mono digital
Compact disc. An Charly Records Special Products. Black disc. Charly logo on top. Catalog number in upper right. 4 photographs left the disc included Bill Justis, Sonny Burgess, Earl Hooker and Jerry Lee Lewis.

The Sun label of Memphis was renowned for its blues and rockabilly, but instrumentals have not featured prominently in its annals. There was of course Bill Justis who hit the big time with ''Raunchy'', Brad Suggs who had a few instrumental singles, and Ace Cannon was around, but his payday came on Hi. However, ever the years of dipping into the Sun vaults, the odd instrumentals has emerged here and there. Some from a bluesground, some from a rockabilly background, others plain pop. As many of these assorted non vocal tracks, as time allow, have been assembled in this package, which is in effect a digital successor to an earlier Charly LP, ''Tough Stuff'' (CD 30186) from 1980. Fifteen out of the sixteen sides on that album appear on this compilation, the sole exception being ''Eddie's Blues'' which credited to Carl Mann and Eddie Bush.

We suspect that it isn't what it purports to be: the sleeve notes refer to Carl's piano, but there is no trace of the 88 keys, nor does the guitar sound remotely like Eddie Bush to the ears. Finally, the track is not listed either under Carl Mann or Eddie Bush in the Sun Sessions Discography, apart from which it is a fairly dirgy offering, and has not therefore been included in this set.  Also included on the disc, 12-page booklet biography with liner notes by Adam Komorowki. Compiled produced for release by Joop Visser and the tracks are digital remastered at Charly Studios by Peter Rynston.

Bo Diddley (Jimmy Van Eaton)
Itchy (Sonny Burgess)
Bop Train (Bill Justis)
706 Union (Brad Suggs)
Raunchy (Bill Justis)
Groovy Train (Wade Caggle & Escorts)
Highland Rock (Wade Cagle & Excorts)
Flip Flop & Bop (Bill Justis)
Scuttlebut (Bill Justis)
Rockin' At The Woodchopper's Ball (Johnny Bernero Band)
Bernero's Boogie (Johnny Bernero Band)
Tuff (Ace Cannon)
Sugarfoot Rag (Martin Willis)
Rolando (Roland Janes)
Uncle Sam Rock (Roland Janes)
Thunderbird (Sonny Burgess)
The Hucklebuck (Earl Hooker)
The Razorback (Earl Hooker)
Red River Variations (Earl Hooker)
Jack's Jump (Fran Frost)
Crawlback (Frank Frost)
Cloudy (Brad Suggs)
Scroungieville (Bill Justis)
College Man (Bill Justis)
Times Sho' Getting Ruff (Quintones)
In The Mood (The Hawk)
Lewis Workout (Jerry Lee Lewis)
I Get The Blues When It Rains (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Original Sun Recordings
1997 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CPCD 8319 mono digital
Getting Better All the Time compiles most of Barbara Pittman's recordings for Sun and Phillips International, including her classic rockabilly cuts "I Need A Man'', "Sentimental Fool'', "Everlasting Love'', and the title cut. Other tracks veer toward country ("Cold Cold Heart") or teen-oriented pop ("Two Young Fools In Love"), and the collection is rounded out with both sides of a single she recorded with a vocal group as The Sunrays and many alternate takes and demos. Pittman is revered by rockabilly cultists as a pioneering woman of rock and roll, but her legacy mostly boils down to the few aforementioned rockabilly cuts; the remaining material is largely disposable, particularly the inferior alternate takes. This 27-song CD offers good value for its low import price, but there is too much mediocre music here to make it worthwhile for any but the most avid rockabilly and Sun Records collectors.

I Need A Man
No Matter Who's To Blame
Sentimental Fool (First Version)
Voice Of A Fool
Two Young Fools In Love
I'm Getting Better All The Time
Take My Sympathy (First Version)
Cold Cold, Heart
Everlasting Love
Eleventh Commandment
 Handsome Man
Just One Day
Love Is A Stranger (The Sunrays)
Lonely Hours (The Sunrays)
Sentimental Fool (Second Version)
 Cold, Cold, Heart (First Version Alternate)
Everlasting Love (First Version Alternate)
No Matther Who's To Blame (First Version Alternate)
I'm Getting Better All The Time (First Version)
 Take My Sympathy (Demo)
Two  Young Fools In Love (Demo)
I'm Getting Better All The Time (Demo)
No Matther Who's To Blame (Second Version)
I'm Getting Better All The Time (Second Version)
Sentimental Fool (Demo)
I Forgot To Remember To Forget
I'm Getting Better AllThe Time (Third Version Alternate)
Original Sun Recordings
2002 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm SNJ 713 mono digital
This three-disc, 84-track collection does a mostly good job of detailing the fabulous history of Sam Phillips' legendary Sun Records imprint, which was launched in 1952, but only mostly, because while it has a wonderful selection of artists and styles, from gospel, blues, and hillbilly to country, Western swing, and nascent rock and roll, from Harmonica Frank Floyd and Howlin' Wolf to Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis, it lacks tracks (save for a duet with Lewis on "Walk That Lonesome Valley") by the artist who really put Sun Records on the musical map, the one and only Elvis Presley. That's a bit like ignoring the huge, restless elephant in the living room, but other than that, this is a delightful and revealing set.

Disc 1 Contains
Cool Down Mama (Lost John Hunter)
Boogie In The Park (Joe Hill Louis)
Howling Tom Cat (Harmonica Frank Floyd)
Highway Man (Howlin' Wolf)
Juiced (Billy Love)
Juiced (Billy Love)
T. Model Boogie (Rosco Gordon)
iger Man (Rufus Thomas)
Love My Baby (Little Junior Parker)
Come Back Baby (Doctor Ross)
Cotton Crop (James Cotton)
I'm Gonna Murder My Baby (Pat Hare)
Time Has Made A Change (Jimmy DeBerry)
Red Hot (Billy 'The Kid' Emerson)
Look To Jesus (The Jones Brothers)
Dark Muddy Bottom (Billy Lee Riley)
Hello, Hello Baby (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Listen To Me, Baby (Smokey Joe Baugh)
Boogie Blues (Earl Peterson)
Troublesome Waters (Howard Serratt)
Gonna Dance All Night (Hardrock Gunter)
Don't Believe (Slim Rhodes)
Defrost Your Heart (Charlie Feathers)
Sure To Fall (Carl Perkins)
Fool Proof (Mack Vickery)
Now She Cares No More For Me (Doug Poindexter)
Jump Right Out Of This (Onie Wheeler)
You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven (Jerry Lee Lewis)
A Fool For Lovin' You (Jack Earls)
I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry (Warren Smith)
Come In Stranger (Johnny Cash)
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 2 Contains
Rockin' Daddy (Eddie Bond)
Crazy Arms (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Mean Little Mama (Roy Orbison)
Got Love If You Want It (Warren Smith)
Crawdad Song (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Her Love Rubbed Off (Carl Perkins)
Mad Man (Jimmy Wages)
Love My Baby (Hayden Thompson)
Miss Froggie ( Warren Smith)
Pearly Lee (Billy Lee Riley)
Deep Elem Blues (Jerry Lee Lewis)
That Don't Move Me (Carl Perkins)
All Night Rock (Glenn Honeycutt)
Come On Little Mama (Ray Harris)
Rock With Me Baby (Billy Lee Riley)
Fine Little Baby (Dick Penner)
Rockin' With My Baby (Malcolm Yelvington)
Baby That's Good (Edwin Bruce)
My Baby Don't Rock (Luke McDaniel)
Miss Pearl (Jimmy Wages)
That's Right (Carl Perkins)
So Glad You're Mine (Sonny Burgess)
Willing And Ready (Ray Smith)
Shake Around (Tommy Blake)
Crazy Woman (Gene Simmons)
Judy (Rudy Grayzell)
Good Rockin' Tonight (Jerry Lee Lewis)
A Woman's Love (Thrill Of Your Love) (Carl McVoy)
Tough, Tough, Tough (Andy Anderson)
(Take Me From This) Garden Of Evil (Jimmy Wages)
Have Faith In My Love (Alton & Jimmy)
Walk That Lonesome Valley (Elvis Presley)
Search For Me (Glenn Honeycutt)
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 3 Contains
Rocket 88 (Jackie Brentson)
Just Walkin' In The Rain (The Prisonaires)
Bear Cat (Rufus Thomas)
Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
When It Rains It Pours (Billy 'The Kid' Emerson)
Mystery Train (Little Junior Parker)
Boppin' The Blues (Carl Perkins)
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Flying Saucer Rock Anmd Roll (Billy Lee Riley)
I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)
Ooby Dooby (Roy Orbison)
We Wanna Boogie (Sonny Burgess)
Dixie Fried (Carl Perkins)
Great Balls Of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Red Hot (Billy Lee Riley)
Big River (Johnny Cash)
Rock And Roll Ruby (Warren Smith)
Breathless (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Honey Don't (Carl Perkins)
Red Headed Woman (Sonny Burgess)
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (Johnny  Cash)
High School Confidential (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Matchbox (Carl Perkins)
Lonely Weekends (Charlie Rich)
I'm Coming Home (Carl Mann)
Who Will The Next Fool Be (Charlie Rich)
What'd I Say (Jerry Lee  Lewis)
Guess Things Happen That Way (Johnny Cash)
Raunchy (Bill Justis)
Mona Lisa (Carl Mann )
Whirlwind (Charlie Rich)
Original Sun Recordings
June 12, 2006 Charly Records (iTunes) Internet mp3 (mono)

The Four Upsetters did a lot of recordings at 639 Madison Avenue in Memphis during the first six months of  1963. Off the 19 tracks caught on tape, a total of four were originally released on the Sun label. Here included some  unreleased tracks recorded on the Sam Phillips Recording Studio at Madison Avenue, Memphis, sessions  respectively January 14, June 30, July 12, 1963.

The Four Upsetters was formed by leader and drummer John Guthrie and guitarplayer Luke Writht in  Middlesboro, Kentucky in 1959. They were signed by Sun Records in 1961 and recorded and toured with  Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich until l964 when John was drafted in the army along with label mate Carl  Mann. John Guthrie is currently playing piano in lounges and private parties.

Midnight Soiree (Sun 381)
Crazy Arms (Sun 381)
You Can't Sit Down
Wabash Cannonball (Sun 386)
Surfin' Calliope (Sun 386)
Put Your Arms Around Me
Over The Waves
My Blue Heaven
Makin' Believe
Crazy Arms
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Blueberry Hill
Big B
Lonely Weekends
I Got A Woman
I'm Coming Home
Honky Tonk
Draggin' The Ridge
Original Sun Recordings
October 14, 2008 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rpm CRR 010 mono digital

Sonny Burgess is one of the wildest rockers to record for the legendary Sun label in Memphis. He and his  band the Pacers came out of Newport, Arkansas, with a hard-rocking style that, unlike that of most  rockabillies, owed little to nothing in the way of a stylistic debt to country music. With his red-dyed hair,  matching stage suit and guitar, and wild stage performances, Burgess made mincemeat of the competition on  many of the early-1950s rock and roll package tours. Though his Sun releases never brought him much in the  way of commercial success, his recordings nonetheless remain landmarks of the early rockabilly style.  Burgess later toured and recorded with other Memphis alumni in the Sun Rhythm Section, and during the  new millennium hit the road and the studio under the moniker of Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers  (celebrating the Pacers' 50th anniversary in 2005). Burgess and the Legendary Pacers issued the Gijon  Stomp! album, a collection of new recordings, on the El Toro label in 2009. Clearly, the rockin' flame that is  Sonny Burgess refuses to be snuffed out. Liner notes by Cub Koda.

We Wanna Boogie
Red Headed Woman
Feelin Good
Aint Got A Thing
Truckin Down The Avenue
Fannie Brown
Goin Home
Please Listen To Me
My Buckets Got A Hole In It
Tomorrow Never Comes
All My Sins Are Taken Away
My Babe
Tomorrow Night
Daddy Blues
So Glad Youre Mine
Sweet Misery
Find My Baby For Me
One Night
Little Town Baby
A Kiss Goodnight
Sadies Back In Town
Don't Be That Way
Youre Not The One For Me
Mama Loochie
Always Will One Broken Heart
Original Sun Recordings
February 9, 2009 Charly Records (CD) 500/200rom SNAJ 743 mono digital

3 compact disc set, 107 rockabilly classics from the vaults of Sun Records. Featuring Elvis Presley, Carl  Perkins, Roy Orbison and many more. Elvis Presley introduced the rockabilly sound to the world with the  seminal recordings he made in 1954 at Sun Records. These were to epitomise the famous Sun sound and set  the scene for the rock and roll explosion that was just around the corner. This raw and exciting sound, a  remarkable fusion of white country music and black rhythm and blues, quickly found an eager audience with  the youth of the day.

Rockabilly has endured the test of time and remains as popular as ever with listeners of all age groups. The  set is strikingly-packaged in a compact hard box and includes a 28-page lavishly illustrated colour booklet,  with each of its three discs housed in its own slipcase.

Disc 1 Contains
Mystery Train (Elvis Presley)
Milkshake Mademoiselle (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Dear John (Warren Smith)
We Wanna Boogie (Sonny Burgess)
Pink Pedal Pushers (Carl Perkins)
Walkin' Shoes (Onie Wheeler)
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Malcolm Yelvington)
Blues, Blues, Blues (Hayden Thompson)
Move, Baby, Move (Dick Penner)
Southbound Line (Tracy Pendarvis)
Baby, I Don't Care (Carl Mann)
Yes, Ma'am (Charlie Rich)
Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby (Carl Perkins)
Domino (Roy Orbison)
Break Up (Ray Smith)
Pearly Lee (Billy Lee Riley)
Rockin' With Red (She Knows How To Rock Me) (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Slow Down (Jack Earls)
Gonna Romp And Stomp (Slim Rhodes)
I Lost My Baby (Roy Hall)
One Broken Heart (Hayden Thompson)
Drive-In (Mack Vickery)
Please Be Mine (Come To Me) (Tracy Pendarvis)
Love Dumb Baby (Ray Harris)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
Wild One (Jerry Lee Lewis)
I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry (Carl Perkins)
Sonny Boy (Jimmy Williams)
Good Lovin' (Dickey Lee)
I Just Don't Know (Alton & Jimmy)
Hula Bop (Smokey Joe Baugh)
Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
If It Wasn't For Love (Glenn Honeycutt)
Try Doin' Right (Mississippi Slim)
I Don't Love Nobody (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Welcome To The Club (Jean Chapel)
Her Love Rubbed Off (Carl Perkins)
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 2 Contains
Crawdad Hole (Jack Earls)
Mean Woman Blues (Jerry Lee Lewis)
I Want You Baby (Billy Lee Riley)
You Better Believe It (Tommy Blake)
To Be With You (Harold Dorman)
That's The Way I Feel (Jimmy Pritchett)
Is It Me (Tracy Pendarvis)
Whirlpool (Ernie Barton)
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Thinkin' Of Me (Mickey Gilley)
Little Town Baby (Sonny Burgess)
Who Took My Baby (Warren Smith)
Little Girl (Carl McVoy)
Why, Why, Why (Ray Smith)
Fairlane Rock (Hayden Thompson)
Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby (Dick Penner)
Have Myself A Ball (Malcolm Yelvington)
Go Ahead, Baby (Luke McDaniel)
Put Your Cat Clothes On (Carl Perkins)
Little Boy Blue (Jerry Arnold)
Bop A Cha-Cha Baby (Tracy Pendarvis)
Pretend (Carl Mann)
Friday Night (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Treat Me Right (Kenneth Parchman)
Two Timin' Woman (Johnny Cash)
Crazy Baby (Ken Cook & Roy Orbison)
Trying To Get To You (Elvis Presley)
Voice Of A Fool (Barbara Pittman)
On Mobile Bay (Glenn Honeycutt)
Wampus Cat (Howard Chandler)
Glad All Over (Carl Perkins)
Lewis Boogie (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Shake, Rattle And Roll (Gene Simmons)
Flying Saucer Rock And Roll (Billy Lee Riley)
Blue Suede Shoes (Charlie Rich)
Original Sun Recordings

Disc 3 Contains
Milkcow Blues Boogie (Elvis Presley)
Cool, Cool Ways (Sexy Ways) (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Fire Engine Red (Jimmy Williams)
Lonely Weekends (Charlie Rich)
I Dig You, Baby (Tommy Blake)
Rock Boppin' Baby (Edwin Bruce)
Your Cheatin' Heart (Cliff Gleaves)
Waitin' For You (Johnny Powers)
Hypnotized (Tracy Pendarvis)
Don't You Worry (Sid Watson)
Apron Strings (Curtis Hoback)
Dixie Fried (Carl Perkins)
Willing And Ready (Ray Smith)
Put Me Down (Jesse Lee Turner)
She's Gone Away (Ernie Barton)
This Old Heart Of Mine (Eddie Bond)
Rockin' With My Baby (Malcolm Yelvington)
Mama, Mama, Mama (Hayden Thompson)
Whole Lotta Twistin' Goin' On (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Miss Pearl (Jimmy Wages)
Problem Child (Ken Cook)
I Love You, I Adore You (Carl Mann)
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Elvis Presley)
Come On Little Mama (Ray Harris)
Truckin' Down The Avenue (Sonny Burgess)
Caldonia (Carl Perkins)
I Want To Be Free (Ray Smith)
Come Back Baby) One More Time (Billy Lee Riley)
Corrine, Corrina (Charlie Feathers)
That's All (Onie Wheeler)
Cindy Lou (Dick Penner)
I Done Told You (Gene Simmons)
A Woman's Love (The Thrill Of You Love) (Carl McVoy)
Ooby Dooby (Jerry Lee Lewis)
It's Too Late (Roy Orbison)
Original Sun Recordings

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