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The Sun Years 1956 - 1958 (BCB 15461) Roy Orbison
The Definitive Edition - Volume 1 (BCD 15460) Howlin' Wolf
Just Walkin' In The Rain (BCD 15523) The Prisonaires
The Definitive Edition - Volume 2 (BCD 15500) Howlin' Wolf
The Classic Recordings 1956 - 1960 (BCD 15444) (1-2) Billy Riley
Onie's Bop (BCD 15542) Onie Wheeler
The Classic Sun Recordings 1956 - 1959 (BCD 15525) Sonny Burgess
The Classic Sun Recordings 1956 - 1959 (BCD 15514) Warren Smith
The Be-Bop Boy (BCD 15524) Joe Hill Louis
Rockin' Daddy (BCD 15708) Eddie Bond
Rock Baby, Rock It 1955 - 1960 (BCD 15928) Johnny Carroll
Did You Tell Me (BCD 16220) Narvel Felts
Sun Gospel (BCD 16387) Various Artists
Let's Get Wild (BCD 16837) Rudy Grayzell
Only Believe... (BCD 16893) The Prisonaires
Sun Ballads (BCD 17213) (1-3) Various Artists
Sun Shines On Hank Williams (BCD 17504) Various Artists  
Dixie Fried (Charly 2) Carl Perkins
The Best Of Sun Rockabilly - Volume 1 (Charly 16) Various Artists
The Best Of Sun Rockabilly - Volume 2 (Charly 36) Various Artists
The Blues Came Down From Memphis (Charly 67) Various Artists
We Wanna Boogie (Charly 29) Sonny Burgess
Rock With Me Baby (Charly 53) Billy Riley
The Sound Of Sun (CDSAM 103) Various Artists
Rockin' With Ray (Sun 32) Ray Smith
The Sun Blues Archives - Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Sun 36) Various Artists
Shake Around (CD 8117) Ray Smith
Hey Slim, Let's Bop (CPCD 8197) Jack Earls
Unissued Sun Masters (CPCD 8137) Various Artists
Rockabilly Legend (SNAP 182) Warren Smith
Sun Hillbilly (CPCD 8181) Various Artists
Hillbilly Fillies & Rockin' Chicks (CPCD 8182) Various Artists
Rockin' Mann (CPCD 8234) Carl Mann
Sun Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 1 (CPCD 8277) Various Artists
Sun Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 2 (CPCD 8318) Various Artists
Sun Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 3 (CPCD 8353) Various Artists
706 Union Instrumentals ( CPCD 8302) Various Artists
Getting Better All The Time (SROLLCD816X) Barbara Pittman
The Sun Records Story (SNAJ 713) Various Artists
Gone Gone Gone (SNAP 230) Charlie Feathers
Selected Hits (Internet MP3) The Four Upsetters
Rock 'N' Roll Legend (CRR 010) Sonny Burgess
Sun Rockabilly Meltdown (SNAJ 743) Various Artists
Walter ''Mumbles'' Horton - Mouth Harp Maestro (CDCH 252) Walter Horton
Mystery Train (CD SS 38) Junior Parker, James Cotton, Pat Hare
The Sun Masters (CD SS 35) Little Milton
You Drive Me Crazy (CLCD4412) Ray Scott
The Sun Records Collection (R271780) Various Artists
Love My Baby (270131) Hayden Thompson
The Very Best Of Frank Frost - Big Boss Man (COL CD 5921) Frank Frost
The Best Of The RPM Years (CDCHD 694) Rosco Gordon
The Very Best Of Bill Justis - Raunchy (COL-CD-6018) Bill Justis
The Original Memphis Blues Brothers (CDCHD 265) Various Artists
The Legendary Sun Records Story (PBX CD 336) Various Artists
Boogie In The Park (CDCHD 803) Joe Hill Louis 
The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions - Volume 3
Memphis On Down (CDCHD 1003) Various Artists 
Memphis Beat - The Sun Recordings (CDWIKD 267) Randy & The Radiants
Mississippi Honky Tonk Rockabilly Man (STCD 24) Luke McDaniel
Cadillac Men The - Sun Masters (CDWIKD 282) The Jesters
Gotta Rock Tonight (RDTCD 150) Mack Allen Smith
The Singles 1951 - 1960 (JASCD 564) Bobby Bland
From Memphis To Hollywood - Bootleg Volume 2 (88697 60051 2) Johnny Cash
The Memphis Cuts 1953 - 1956 (JSP4239) Doctor Ross
Sun's First Boogie-Woogie Country Man! (ETCD 1071) Smokey Joe Baugh
Rock, Baby, Rock It (CFM 501) Various Artists
I Need A Man (CFM 502) Various Artists
Flyin' Saucers Rock 'N' Roll (CFM 503) Various Artists
All Night Rock (CFM 504) Various Artists
Rockabilly Jamboree (CFM 505) Various Artists
Rockabilly Craze (CFM 506) Various Artists
Tennessee Stomp (CFM 507) Various Artists
Dixie Bop (CFM 508) Various Artists
Hillbilly Rock (CFM 509) Various Artists
Rockabilly Fever (CFM 510) Various Artists)
Heb Cats Session (CFM 511) Sonny Burgess & Carl Perkins
The Swingin' Blast (CFM 512) Various Artists
Teen-Age Bop (CFM 513) Various Artists
The Pumpin' Piano Cat (CFM 514) Jerry Lee Lewis
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (CFM 515) Jerry Lee Lewis
The Great Ball On Fire (CFM 516) Jerry Lee Lewis
The Wild One At The High School Hop (CFM 517) Jerry Lee Lewis
I Done Told You - His Sun Recordings 1955-1957 (Sun LP 1008) Gene Simmons
I'm Right Behind You Baby (Sun LP 1009) Ray Smith
Gonna Have Myself A Ball (Sun LP 1010) Malcolm Yelvington
Blue Suede Shoes (Sun LP 1014) Carl Perkins
Johnny Cash's Top Hits (Sun LP 1015) Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two
Good Ole Memphis Country (Sun LP 1016) Various Artists
Rabbit Action (Sun LP 1018) Carl Perkins & Junior Thompson
Rock-A-Billy Blues (Sun LP 1019) Various Artists
Rock Bop Boogie (Sun LP 1021) Various Artists
We Wanna Boogie (Sun LP 1022) Sonny Burgess & The Pacers
Rock And Roll Pills (Sun LP 1023) Various Artists
Hot Southern Boppers (Sun LP 1024) Various Artists
Hop Flop And Flay (Sun LP 1025) Various Artists
Rockabilly Tunes (Sun LP 1026) Various Artists
Sonny Burgess And The Pacers (Sun LP 1027) Sonny Burgess
Shake Around (Sun LP 1029) Various Artists
Rockin' Rollin' Country Style (Sun LP 1030) Various Artists
Country Rock Sides (Sun LP 1031) Various Artists
Sunset Special (Sun LP 1035) Various Artists
More Sundown Rockers (Sun LP 1036) Various Artists
After The Hop (Sun LP 1037) Various Artists
Feel Like Rockin' (Sun LP 1038) Various Artists
Sonny Burgess - Volume 3 (Sun LP 1039) Sonny Burgess
The Pumpin' Piano Cat (Sun LP 1041) Jerry Lee Lewis
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Sun LP 1042) Jerry Lee Lewis
The Great Ball Of Fire (Sun LP 1043) Jerry Lee Lewis
The Wild One Rockin' And A-Boppin... (Sun LP 1044) Jerry Lee Lewis
Kickin' Up A Storm (Sun LP 1045) Jerry Lee Lewis
Put Your Cat Clothes On (Sun LP 1046) Carl Perkins
Rock Island Line (Sun LP 1047) Johnny Cash
Billy Riley And The Little Green Men (Sun LP 1049) Billy Riley
Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings (Sun LP 1050) Roy Orbison
The Killer's Birthday Cake (Sun LP 1051) Jerry Lee Lewis
Killer's Rhythm And Blues (Sun LP 1053) Jerry Lee Lewis
The Sun Blues Archives - Volume 1 - Blue Guitar (Sun LP 1060) Various Artists
The Sun Blues Archives - Volume 2 - Bootin' Boogie (Sun LP 1061) Various Artists
The Sun Blues Archives - Volume 3 - Deep Harmony (Sun LP 1062) Various Artists
Black Music Originals
Country Music Originals
Rock And Roll Originals
The Blues Came Down From Memphis (HAS 8265) Various Artists
Let's Go Down South (Neshoba N-11) Various Artists
Dr. Ross His First Recordings (Arhoolie 1065) Doctor Ross
Blue In The Morning (Polydor 2383 214) Joe Hill Louis & Willie Nix
We Wanna Boogie (Bopcat B. LP 200) Various Artists
Lowdown Memphis Harmonica Jam 1950-1955 (Nighthawk 103) Various Artists
Don't Step On My Blue Suede Shoes (CR 30119) Various Artists
The Best Of Sun Rockabilly - Volume 1 (CR 30123) Various Artists
The Best Of Sun Rockabilly - Volume 2 (CR 30124) Various Artists
Rockabilly Rules OK (CR 30138) Various Artists
Rockabilly's Main Man (CR 30161) Charlie Feathers
Tough Stuff - Sun's Instrumental Gold (CR 30186) Various Artists
Rebel Rockabilly (CR 2015) Various Artists
Red Hot Riley ( CDX 9) Billy Riley
Memphis Blues - Unissued Titles From The 1950s (KK 7427) Various Artists
Rockabilly Guy 1954 - 1962 (CR 30262) Hayden Thompson
The Sun Story (RNDA 71103) Various Artists
Sun Records - Rock Boppin' Baby - (BFX 151949) Ed Bruce
A Teen's Way (BFX 15242) Narvel Felts
The Rocking Man (CDX 17) Carl Mann
Real Memphis Rock And Roll (CDX 23) Warren Smith
Original Sun Recordings (BFX 15337) Dane Stinit
Problem Child (Z-2006) Roy Orbison
The Sound Of Sun (SAM 103) Various Artists
I Need A Man (BFX 15359) Barbara Pittman
Let's Bop (BFX 15273) Jack Earls
The Sun Records Story (LDS9670) Various Artists
Best Of The Charlie Feathers Sun Records Sessions (ORGM 22090) Charlie Feathers
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