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> The Sun Box (LP Sun Box 100) 1982 <

The Sun Record Company of Memphis, Tennessee was one of the very few to develop a unique and immediately identifiable ''sound''; first in rhythm and blues and then more spectacularly with rockabilly music. As a result its music has come through to the present with an ever expanding reputation. Sun was launched by radio announcer and recording engineer Sam Phillips in 1952. The Sun Box covers each aspect of Sun's music from the blues and rhythm and blues of the early fifties through country, rockabilly and rock and roll into a totally different era of The Memphis Sound. Music in the city would not have been the same without the Sun label and its artists, neither would the story of rock and roll. Sun folded in its original form in 1968, to be regenerated in Nashville the next year. Instead of being forgotten, the Sun sound has been revealed to have been among the most important developments in American popular music. 

> Carl Perkins - The Sun Years (LP Sun Box 101) 1982 <

A three individually sleeved LP's box set containing 54 recordings interspersed with many extracts of fascinating session conversation, alternate takes and false starts. Each LP sleeve bears a detailed track by track analysis of the enclosed recordings. Here an overview of Carl Perkins' recording career during the Sun Records years; a detailed session discography and liner notes by Colin Excott, Hank Davis, and Martin Hawkins. Each album has been mastered in mono. Album compiled by Martin Hawkins. Mastered by Bob Jones. Sleeve design by Adam Yeldman.

> Jerry Lee Lewis - The Sun Years (LP Sun Box 102) 1983 <

Inside this presentation box: 12 individually sleeved LPs containing 209 recordings interspersed with many extracts of hokum and mayhem from the original Sun recording sessions; each LP sleeve bearing a detailed track-by-track analysis of the enclosed recordings. A 36-page, LP-size booklet containing introduction by Sam C. Phillips; overview of Jerry's career during The Sun Years; analysis of The Sun Sound; detailed session discography of Jerry's Sun recordings with liner notes by Martin Hawkins; photos, cuttings and memorabilia. 

The whole comprising a definitive compilation of the vital recordings of a vital man: The Killer - Jerry Lee Lewis. 

> Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two - The Sun Years (LP Sun Box 103) 1984 <

Inside this presentation box: 5 individually sleeved LP's containing 82 recordings interspersed with many extracts of fascinating session conversation and false starts. Each LP sleeve bears a detailed track by track analysis of the enclosed recordings. There is an LP-size booklet containing an introduction by Sam Phillips; an overview of Johnny Cash's recording career during the Sun years; a detailed session discography; photos, cuttings and memorabilia. Each album has been mastered in Mono.

> Sun Records - The Blues Years 1950-1956 (LP Sun Box 105) 1986 <

Sun Records The Blues Years 1950-1956, Sunbox 105 set, contains 9 vinyl LP discs each in a feature-packed photos and information individual sleeve in addition to an LP-size 44-page book filled with interviews, a complete session discographies, a chronological account of the blues years, features on the historic Memphis music scene of that era, and a wealth of period photos and illustrations by Martin Hawkins. Most importantly, however, is the music contained on the 9 discs, a total of 151 recordings by such artists as Howling Wolf, B. B. King, Jackie Brenston, Little Junior's Blue Flames, Walter Horton, James Cotton, Little Milton, Billy Emerson, Rosco Gordon, Lost John Hunter and many, many others. Selections include here ''Boogie In The Park'', ''Rocket 88'', ''Ridin' The Boogie'', ''Sam's Drag'', ''4 O'Clock Blues'', ''Drivin' Slow'', ''Mystery Train'', ''Red Hot'', and scores of others. You will listen to: The Prisonaires singing ''Don't Say Tomorrow'', The Jones Brothers doing ''Gospel Train'', ''Sweet Home Chicago'' by Honeyboy Edwards. This box set is a historical treasure trove of blues, gospel and rhythm and blues music from Memphis in the early fifties. Many recordings had not been previously issued.

> Sun Records - The Rocking Years (LP Sun Box 106) 1987 <

An 12 album boxed set The Rocking Years an whole range of rock and roll music recorded in Sun's famous studio at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis. The set featuring issued, previously unissued, alternate versions of about nearly 200 songs including Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Sonny Burgess, Gene Simmons, Billy Lee Riley, Barbara Pitman, Ray Smith, Bill Justis, Ace Cannon, Kenny Parchman, Ray Harris, Hayden Thomson and many more. Also included in the box set a glossy 50-page LP-size book with a feature on Sam Phillips and every artist included on the discs with liner notes and session information. Compilation and liner notes by Martin Hawkins and Colin Escott. Each album has its own title (a song in the respective album). 

> Sun Records - The Sun Records Country Years 1950-1959 (LP BFX 15211-11) 1986 < 

Sun Country 11 LP Boxed Set. An Bear Family Special Products. Black disc. Yellow label. Have circle of musical notes and staff around the entire label, with excepted of the bar wherein "Memphis, Tennessee" appear. The letters SUN with sun rays pressed in light brown at the top of the label. Bear Family Records logo pressed in light brown at bottom. On the back cover Bear Family logo left at bottom. Catalog number in upper right.  

Original Sun country recordings and demos many of them previously unissued complete with studio chatter. Also included in the box-set, 128-page booklet contains biographies of the artists, discographies with details of all recording sessions, and many rare and unpublished photo's. Also in the booklet a chronology of information relevant to country music in Memphis and to the musicians included. Special songs Elvis (off mike singing) of ''How Doy You Think I Feel'' with Scotty Moore and Johnny Bernero. Two never before released Carl Perkins masters, ''Forever Yours'' and ''Breakin' My Heart''. The box contains 193 performances, inclusive 82 previously unissued masters. Liner notes and biographies by Colin Escott, Martin Hawkins and Hank Davis.  

 > Sun Records - Into The Sixties (LP Sun Box 109) 1989 <

This boxed set of eight albums contains some of the best music made in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1960s. It represents the very finest issued and unissued music recorded by Sun Records and associated labels during that period. It covers the full range of Memphis music from rock and roll and country to rhythm and blues, soul and gospel. It also contains recordings made for the Nashville-based Sun International Corporation after 1968. Following on from Sun Box 106, The Rocking Years, this box traces the Sun story through its unfashionable years. Nevertheless - and perhaps to the surprise of many - the quality of the music remains high. We are proud to present ''Sun: Into The Sixties''. There are 131 recordings in this box. Of these, there are: 33 unissued recordings (never before issued in any form); 10 unissued takes (alternative performances to those previously issued); 5 unissued versions (performances from different sessions to previously issued versions); 5 undubbed or remixed versions (recordings previously issued now presented in a different form); 21 not originally issued (recordings released in the 1970s or 1980s but not on the original Sun label); 57 original issues (recordings exactly as issued on the original Sun, P.I., Sun International, Midnight Sun or Plantation labels). 

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