© 1980 Charly Records (LP) 33rpm Sun Box 100 mono
The Sun Record Company of Memphis, Tennessee was one of the very few to develop a unique and immediately identifiable ''sound''; first in rhythm and blues and then more spectcularly with rockabilly music. As a result its music has come through to the present with an ever expanding reputation. Sun was launched by radio announcer and recording engineer Sam Phillips in 1952. The Sun Box covers each aspect of Sun's music from the blues and rhythm and blues of the early fifties through country, rockabilly and rock and roll into a totally different era of The Memphis Sound. Music in the city would not have been the same without the Sun label and its artists, neither would the story of rock and roll. Sun folded in its original form in 1968, to be regenerated in Nashville the next year. Instead of being forgotten, the Sun sound has been revealed to have been among the most important developments in American popular music.
This 3 LP compilation box set featuring 54 tracks of some of the finest rock and roll artists who recorded for the  Sun label, included Howlin' Wolf, The Prisonaires, Warren Smith, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny  Carroll and many others. Includes a booklet with release dates, plus peak Billboard country and western, Hot  100, and rhythm and blues chart positions were applicable. Compiled and  liner notes by Martin Hawkins and Colin Escott. Mastered by Boppin' Bob. 
Record 1 Side 1 ''The Memphis Recording Service''
1.1 - Rocket 88 (Jackie Brenston)
1.2 - T-Model Boogie (Roscoe Gordon) 
1.3 - Howlin' For My Baby (Howlin' Wolf)
1.4 - Mr. Highway Man (Howlin' Wolf)
1.5 - Treat Me Mean And Evil (Joe Hill Louis)
1.6 - Tiger Man (Joe Hill Louis)
1.7 - Prison Bound Blues (Willie Nix)
1.8 - My Baby Left Me (Raymond Hill)
1.9 - Sweet Home Chicago ( Albert Williams)
Original Sun Recordings
Record 1 Side 2 ''Sunrise''
2.1 - Easy (Jimmy & Walter)
2.2 - Bear Cat (Rufus Thomas)
2.3 - Just Walkin' In The Rain (The Prisonaires)
2.4 - Feelin' Good (Little Junior's Blue Flames)
2.5 - Mystery Train (Little Junior's Blue Flames)
2.6 - Cotton Crop Blues (James Cotton)
2.7 - The Boogie Disease (Doctor Ross)
2.8 - When It Rains It Really Pours (Billy "The Kid" Emerson)
2.9 - So Long Baby Goodbye (Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo)
Original Sun Recordings
Record 2 Side 3 ''Memphis Country''
3.1 - Rockin' Chair Daddy (Harmonica Frank)
3.2 - My Kind Of Carryin' On (Doug Poindexter & Starlite Wranglers)
3.3 - Cry Cry Cry (Johnny Cash)
3.4 - Let The Juke Box Keep On Playing (Carl Perkins)
3.5 - Defrost Your Heart (Charlie Feathers)
3.6 - Rock ‘N' Roll Ruby (Warren Smith)
3.7 - Slow Down (Jack Earls & Jimbos)
3.8 - It's Me Baby (Malcolm Yelvington)
3.9 - Feelin' Low (Ernie Chaffin)
Original Sun Recordings
Record 2 Side 4 ''Hillbilly Hitparade''
4.1 - Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
4.2 - I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)
4.3 - Home Of The Blues (Johnny Cash)
4.4 - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (Johnny Cash)
4.5 - The Ways Of A Woman In Love (Johnny Cash)
4.6 - Boppin' The Blues (Carl Perkins)
4.7 - Dixie Fried (Carl Perkins)
4.8 - Breathless (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Original Sun Recordings
Record 3 Side 5 ''Rockabilly Rhythm''
5.1 - Come On Little Mama (Ray Harris)
5.2 - Flyin' Saucers Rock ‘N' Roll (Billy Riley)
5.3 - Red Hot (Billy Riley)
5.4 - Ain't Got A Thing (Sonny Burgess)
5.5 - Put Your Cat Clothes On (Carl Perkins)
5.6 - Rock Baby Rock (Johnny Carroll)
5.7 - Love Me Baby (Hayden Thompson)
5.8 - Milkshake Mademoiselle (Jerry Lee Lewis)
5.9 - Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache (Warren Smith)
Original Sun Recordings
Record 3 Side 6 ''Sun's Great Hits''
6.1 - Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
6.2 - Ooby Dooby (Roy Orbison)
6.3 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
6.4 - So Long I'm Gone (Warren Smith)
6.5 - Raunchy (Bill Justis)
6.6 - Great Balls Of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)
6.7 - Guess Things Happen That Way (Johnny Cash)
6.8 - Mona Lisa (Carl Mann)
6.9 - Lonely Weekends (Charlie Rich)
Original Sun Recordings

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