1980 Old Golden Throat (CR 300005) Johnny Cash
1984 The Sun Years - (Sun Box 103) Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two

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Johnny Cash's Sun recordings can be heard on his playlist from 706 Union Avenue Sessions on > YouTube <


1980 Charly Records (LP) 33rpm CR 300005 mono

Johnny Cash is one of the most important, influential and respected artists in the history of recorded music. From his monumental live prison albums, to his extraordinary series of commentaries on the American spirit and the human condition, to a mesmerizing canon of gospel recordings, to his remarkable and unprecedented late-life artistic triumphs of will and wisdom, his impact on our culture is profound and continuing.

John R. Cash was born into a family of Arkansas sharecroppers in the middle of the Great Depression, and that hardscrabble life instilled in him a reverence for family, the earth, God and truth that informed his incredible life and vision over a half-century career. After a stint in the United States Air Force, where he distinguished himself as a radio intercept operator, and less-successful efforts as an automobile factory worker and door-to-door home goods salesman, Johnny broke onto the music scene in 1955 on Memphis’ fabled Sun Records. It was here, at the “birthplace of rock and roll,” where the world was introduced to his singular voice and compelling songwriting, through such eternal classics as “I Walk the Line,” “Big River” and “Folsom Prison Blues.”

As Johnny matured as an artist, he took his disciples on soaring adventures of the mind and soul, including Ride This Train, a travelogue of the sights and sounds of his beloved country; Blood, Sweat and Tears, the Cash canon of working man blues; Bitter Tears, a searing examination of the treatment of Native Americans; The Holy Land, Hymns from the Heart and other deeply personal statements of faith and devotion; and, of course, the historic concerts at Folsom Prison and San Quentin, where he demonstrated that compassion and healing are more integral to humanity than retribution and disdain.

In 1969, The Johnny Cash Show was a groundbreaking fusion of musical styles, fresh voices and enduring legends that elevated him to the pinnacle of his craft, taking him to stages such as the White House, Carnegie Hall, behind the Iron Curtain and even Northern Ireland, where the combatants in the Troubles temporarily ceased the hostilities to gather together in a Belfast church to hear him sing—albeit from opposite sides of the aisle. When he became the biggest selling recording artist on earth, it was an affirmation of his universality.

While most artists follow Neil Young’s adage, and either burn out or fade away, Johnny did neither. In his later years, new audiences flocked to hear his consideration of what it means to be human. His powerful statements on love, forgiveness and life and death spoke across time and generations, and still do today. At the end of his life, Johnny Cash had become not only the champion and the conscience of the American Experience, but a portal through which mortals glimpse immortality, an exemplar of overcoming adversity through honesty, and a role model in the everlasting pursuit of Redemption and the promise of the unclouded day.

All track recorded at 706 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. Artwork, cover concept by Jacques Parnell. Compiled and mastered by Georges Colla. Manufactured and distribution by Pye Records. Printed by Garrod & Lofthouse.

Side 1 Contains
1.1 - Big River
1.2 - Luther's Boogie
1.3 - You Are My Baby
1.4 - Folsom Prison Blues
1.5 - Hey Porter
1.6 - Next In Line
1.7 - Oh, Lonesome Me
1.8 - Belshazah
Original Sun Recordings

Side 2 Contains
2.1 - Get Rhythm
2.2 - Rock Island Line
2.3 - Country Boy
2.4 - Train Of Love
2.5 - I Walk The Line
2.6 - Katy Too
2.7 - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
2.8 - Mean Eyed Cat
Original Sun Recordings


1984 Charly Records (LP) 33rpm Sun Box 103 mono

Inside this presentation box: 5 individually sleeved LP's containing 82 recordings interspersed with many extracts of fascinating session conversation and false starts. Each LP sleeve bears a detailed track by track analysis of the enclosed recordings. There is an LP-size booklet containing an introduction by Sam Phillips; an overview of Johnny Cash's recording career during the Sun years; a detailed session discography; photos, cuttings and memorabilia. Each album has been mastered in mono.

Record 1 ''Wide Open Road'' Contains
Wide Open Road (Alternate Take)
You're My Baby
Folsom Prison Blues (Alternate Take)
Wide Open Road
Two Timin' Woman
Goodnight Irene
Port Of Lonely Hearts
My Treasure (Alternate Take)
My Treasure
Wide Open Road
Cry Cry Cry
Hey Porter
Folsom Prison Blues
Luther Played The Boogie
So Doggone Lonesome
Mean Eyed Cat
I Couldn't Keep From Crying
New Mexico
Original Sun Recordings

Record 2 ''I Walk The Line'' Contains
Rock 'N' Roll Ruby
Get Rhythm (Alternate Take)
I Walk The Line (Alternate Take)
Train Of Love (Alternate Take)
Get Rhythm
I Walk The Line
There You Go
Train Of Love
One More Ride
Goodbye Little Darling
I Love You Because
Straight As In Love
Don't Make Me Go (Alternate Take)
Nex In Line
Don't Make Me Go
Original Sun Recordings

Record 3 ''Country Boy'' Contains
Give My Love To Rose (Alternate Take)
Home Of The Blues
Give My Love To Rose
The Wreck Of The Old 97
Rock Island Line
Leave That Junk Alone
Country Boy (Alternate Take)
Country Boy
Doin' My Time
If The Good Lord's Willing
I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
Remember Me
I Was There When It Happened
Come On Stranger
Big River
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
Original Sun Recordings

Record 4 ''Always Alone'' Contains
Come In Stranger
Oh Lonesome Me
Guess Things Happen That Way
Oh Lonesome Me
You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven (Alternate Take)
Born To Lose
You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
Always Alone (Alternate Take)
The Story Of A Broken Heart (Alternate Take)
The Story Of A Broken Heart
You Tell Me
Life Goes On
Original Sun Recordings

Record 5 ''Thanks A Lot'' Contains
You Win Again'I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
Cold Cold Heart
Hey Good Lookin'
I Can't Help
Blue Train
Katy Too
The Ways Of A Woman In Love (Alternate Take)
Thanks A Lot
The Fool's Hall Of Fame
The Ways Of A Woman In Love
Thanks A Lot
It's Just About Time
I Just Thought You'd Like To Know
I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Alternate Take)
I Forgot To Remember To Forget
Down The Street Of 301
Original Sun Recordings


For Biography of Johnny Cash. See: > The Sun Biographies <
Johnny Cash's Sun recordings can be heard on his playlist from 706 Union Avenue Sessions on  > YouTube <